The impact of social media on customer experience: Are contact centre brands keeping up?

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Let’s face it, in the era of digital transformation, the ripple effect of social media on customer experience is undeniable. In this labyrinth of customer-brand interactions, where is the contact centre industry positioned? Are contact centre brands keeping up?  

The bitter truth is most are lagging. However, there is a silver lining – Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) technology! 

The unmatched prowess of CCaaS to bridge the communication gap through omni-channel customer support is a game-changer.  

This blog aims to dissect these concepts and discuss how omni-channel CCaaS technology not only fosters better working conditions for employees but improves customer satisfaction. 

The Social Media Impact: A Challenge Yet Unconquered 

Customers today are no longer passive consumers. They are outspoken critics, brand ambassadors, and influencers, largely thanks to social media. Rapid responses, personalised services, and flawless communication across diverse channels are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Contact centres that fail to adapt to this reality risk obsolescence. 

Let’s revisit the infamous United Airlines incident where a passenger was forcibly removed from an overbooked flight. The video of the incident, posted on social media, quickly went viral, leading to a global outcry against the airline. This incident showcases the power of social media as a platform for outspoken criticism, capable of causing serious damage to a brand’s reputation. 

In this landscape of highly empowered customers, providing rapid responses, personalised services, and seamless communication across diverse channels is non-negotiable. Companies like Apple, Selfridges & John Lewis have clearly understood this. They’ve embedded social media into their customer service operations, allowing customers to reach out to them on platforms of their choice, and ensuring personalised and immediate responses. 

However, many companies in the contact centre industry are far from this level of seamless social media integration. Their struggle is often due to legacy systems, inadequate staff training, and segregated departments. For instance, a major telecom company recently faced severe backlash due to their inability to promptly and effectively respond to a surge in customer complaints on Twitter, highlighting the issues caused by these challenges. 

But, as they say, every problem is an opportunity in disguise… enter CCaaS technology. A leading bank demonstrated this when they switched to a CCaaS solution to manage their contact centre operations. They moved away from a legacy system that was hindering their ability to effectively manage customer interactions across channels. The CCaaS solution provided integrated social media management, streamlined communication, and offered effective training modules for their staff. The result? Improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand reputation, and a significant reduction in response times. 

So, it’s evident that the landscape is shifting. Customers are now active, powerful participants in their interactions with brands, thanks to social media. Contact centres that fail to adapt to this reality do risk obsolescence. However, by embracing CCaaS technology, they can navigate this challenging landscape effectively, meeting and exceeding the demands of the modern, social media-savvy customer. 

The contact centre industry faces a pressing need to keep up with this changing landscape, but the reality is far from satisfactory. Legacy systems, inadequate staff training, and segregated departments often pose significant hurdles in streamlining the social media-centric customer experience. However, the solution lies in embracing CCaaS technology. 

The CCaaS Panacea: Revolutionising the Contact Centre Industry 

CCaaS technology is not just another piece of software; it is a revolution. This technology allows contact centres to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency by integrating diverse communication channels, including social media, into a unified platform. But why is it so important? 

Improved Employee Experience 

Let’s look at the internal dynamics first. With CCaaS, employees are no longer plagued by outdated systems that limit their capabilities. It automates routine tasks, freeing agents to focus on more complex customer interactions. In addition, its comprehensive training modules equip agents with necessary skills to navigate social media interactions. Resultantly, there’s a noticeable improvement in job satisfaction and performance. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

From a customer’s standpoint, the benefits of CCaaS are equally compelling. It ensures faster responses, personalised attention, and seamless communication irrespective of the chosen platform. Customers are no longer victims of disjointed experiences due to departmental silos or lack of integration. They enjoy consistent support across channels, leading to enhanced satisfaction and loyalty. 

Moreover, CCaaS solutions are equipped with advanced analytics that enable brands to gauge the effectiveness of their customer support efforts, driving data-led strategies for customer experience enhancement. 


As a concluding note, it’s evident that the social media impact on customer experience is monumental. The contact centre industry, by and large, hasn’t quite met the mark in grappling with this reality. However, the adoption of CCaaS technology promises a brighter horizon. By ensuring a seamless omni-channel customer support system, it significantly enhances both the employee and customer experience. 

In the era of digital transformation, it’s not just about survival; it’s about thriving. And with CCaaS technology, contact centres are poised to do just that, defying all challenges, and setting new benchmarks in customer experience. 

The question is no longer about whether social media has transformed customer experience or whether brands are struggling to keep up. The real question is whether contact centres are ready to embrace the CCaaS revolution to navigate these challenges and emerge victorious. 

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