CRM & Communication Unified

Bringing all your calls, emails, texts, social, CRM, E-Commerce and other systems into one unified interface. Giving your staff a complete unified timeline of every customer touch point in one easy to use platform

Breaking down silos with seamless integration.

Save on customer support costs whilst providing a faster experience to your customers by integrating all your key systems and information into one place. No multiple tabs, no having to constantly switch between systems to retrieve key information. QContact brings all the information your staff need into one place.

Unified Communication

Go beyond just phone and e-mail.

With QContact you can offer the same level of service through every channel such as text messages, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. What’s more, your staff can effortlessly switch between channels with just a click of a button.

Unified Communication

Gain context to every conversation.

Whether it’s pulling in their recent order history from your e-commerce system, their billing history from your finance system, or stock information from your ERP – QContact brings all this information into a single unified timeline of your customer. Think of QContact as the glue that sticks all your different systems together.

Unified Communication

Complete CRM Functionality.

QContact provides all the functionality you need to manage your customers out-of-the-box. Whether you are looking for a tool for you business development team to manage your sales pipelines, or a tool to manage your customer relationships post sale – we provide all the CRM functionality you need. Already have a CRM system? We can integrate with it or help you migrate your information from it.

Unified Communication

Understand your customer’s needs.

With QContact’s powerful reporting suite you can gain deep insights into customer’s needs. What are your common enquiries? What time of day are your busiest periods? How long are your staff spending on post-interaction work? With QContact you gain complete insight into all this and more.

Unified Communication

Work from home.

Being in the cloud, QContact enables your team to work from anywhere in the world whilst remaining completely secure. Whether accessing your CRM or making and receiving calls – everything can be accessed remotely and securely without complicated VPN setups.

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We deliver results across many industries.

Across every industry, using QContact can dramatically improve the customer experience whilst reducing time and costs. There are many other features to help keep your operation smooth, earn repeat business from your happy customers and motivate staff to increase productivity.


Our deep integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify & Magento will help propel your sales and customer service teams.

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With our complete omni-channel solution together with built-in CRM your health business can save money and improve the customer experience.

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QContact omnichannel solution gives your business development and client services team all the tools they need and is fully FCA & PCI compliant.

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Bring all your interactions into one single unified interface for a better customer experience, less staff training and improved efficiency.

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