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Instagram now has over 25 million business users worldwide, making it a great place to showcase your products & services, build a community & engage with consumers.

With QContact you can improve your response times & engagement by connecting it to Instagram where your team can reply to comments or messages within minutes.

Speech analytics is AI technology that listens to calls & instantly analyses conversations converting them from speech to text. It takes mere seconds to convert the calls from voice into written notes that then allows you to quickly read through the notes to get an understanding of the conversation.

The CCaaS model allows companies to purchase the technology they need & because its cloud based & managed by the vendor, it massively reduces costs compared to having an in-premise solution with specialist IT teams to manage it.

Businesses traditionally use tools such a customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), net promotor scores (NPS), customer retention rates, customer churn rates & online reviews to understand how their businesses is performing overall. 

Modern contact centres, large organisations & ecommerce businesses deal with a lot of inbound queries on a daily basis, not just over the phone, but via live chat, email, WhatsApp & social media which is why it’s never been more important to monitor call outcomes to make sure you know exactly what’s driving enquiries into your business so you can stay one step ahead.