5 CRM features that will save your business time & money.

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Learn 5 CRM features that will save your business time & money by enabling you to deal with more tasks & conversations with your customers. Do you want to speed up efficiency & save money in your business? 

If the answer is YES, make sure you read on.  

These 5 features will help transform your business by enabling you to deal with more tasks or deal with more customer conversations than you thought possible.  

1 – Workflow automatiom

Workflow automation uses rule-based logic to allow a series of tasks to perform on their own without the need for human intervention.  

From simple admin tasks to more complex process, automation allows your team to work smarter & faster whilst improving efficiency & eliminating mistakes. Let your team focus on work that drives revenue. 

You may want to automatically send a follow up text or e-mail after a call, or perhaps an e-mail 3 days after a purchase. 

Or maybe you want to always perform several actions at same time – e.g., send an e-mail, update the customer record, and maybe send them a link to upload some documents – rather than the agent must manually do all 3 steps – workflows can do it all at the same time for them.  

By setting up an automated workflow to perform these tasks you can increase productivity across your business.

2 – Chatbots

A chatbot is software that uses conversational artificial intelligence through both voice & text (or both) to facilitate conversations with your customers.  

These days most businesses use chatbots to engage with their customers alongside their other communication channels, such a voice, social media & email.  

Chatbots tend to be used to answer straightforward queries, including your most frequently asked questions but by integrating them with Google dialogue flow you can build more advanced chatbots. You can further enhance this using knowledge-based systems to build powerful chatbots capable of dealing with more advanced queries.  

They often get a bad rap because a lot of companies use basic chat bots or they can tend to be poorly programmed, but when they are done properly, they are fantastic at dealing with high volumes of simple queries.  

By having a chatbot on your website (or other channels), you are giving your customers an option to have questions answered quickly without the need to call you up or send an email, which free’s up time for your staff to deal with more complex or time sensitive queries. 

3 – Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures enable the recipient to sign legally binding documents, it’s the digital equivalent of the traditional pen on paper signature.  

Gone are the days when you had to print off paperwork & send it to your customer by email or post (God forbid) only to wait for it to be signed, scanned, or even posted back.  

With electronic signatures it’s as simple of editing your paperwork or contract, then attaching it & sending it via email or even better, as a text message or WhatsApp message.  

The user will then be notified at their end & will be prompted to open the document, carefully read through any terms & conditions, before signing it with their finger & sending it back to you.  

Electronic signatures can save you business a lot of wasted time relying on traditional methods of sending out & receiving back paperwork. And if you’re a company sends out high volumes of paperwork to customers to sign & send back, you will notice a big saving in your paper & printing costs. Plus, it’s much better environmentally so it’s a win, win.

4 – Canned responses

Canned responses are pre-written responses to your common queries. 

You can create pre-written templates for your different teams, sales, customer support or even marketing.  

These canned responses help to assist your staff to respond quickly & effortlessly to any customer issues.  

Not only that, but these responses can also then be used across all your contact channels, from traditional phone, to email channels & right across your social media channels.  

If you are business that deals with lots of the same common queries, these responses will save your staff time, allowing them to answer them quickly & at volume. Time saved; customer satisfaction boosted. 

5 – Softphone

A softphone is a virtual phone interface built into your CRM platform that allows users to make & receive VoIP telephone calls at any time & from anywhere with just an internet connection.  

The softphone looks just like a traditional mobile keypad (like the dial pad on your mobile phone). It will offer 1-click dialling for both your internal & external saved contacts.  

A softphone offers all the functionality you would expect from a standard desk phone, such as queuing, call forwarding & much more.  

If you would prefer to move away from the traditional office desk phones than softphones will save you money on hardware & can also save you a significant amount of money on on call charges too.  

A softphone is simple to use & will save you time punching in the different numbers, especially if your business requires a lot of outbound dialling.

In Summary

Utilising these features will speed up efficiency in your business, freeing up more time to deal with more complex or time sensitive queries.  

It will also free up time for learning & development.  

All these things will have a positive impact on your overall customer experience  

which will in turn create repeat business & impact your profits in a good way.

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