One-click Office 365 Integration

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QContact, the complete CRM and communication platform has this week released the latest version of our Office 365 integration. With just one click you can now connect your Office 365 e-mails directly into your CRM.

Office 365 Integration

Your staff can then effortlessly send e-mails from either Outlook, Webmail or QContact and all three will be kept in sync for you. So you don’t need to remember to BCC any special email address, install any plugin or manually copy and paste any messages. Just keep using the tools you’re used to and everything just works.

Office 365 Integration

Every inbound and outbound message you send from Outlook is automatically logged against the contact in your CRM, and if you reply from the CRM the email is automatically placed in your Outlook Sent Items.

Solving your pain points

Two of the biggest hurdles of deploying any CRM system is firstly getting your staff to use it, and secondly having information in more than one place. With QContact and our industry leading 365 integration we solve both problems at once.

And being a European company, privacy is front-and-foremost in our minds. You can selectively enable and disable the syncronisation on each contact to make sure you’re not bringing personal e-mails into your CRM.

In Summary

QContact – the complete is the communications platform for your business, has released the latest version of our Office 365 integration. With a full CRM integrated with all your calls, WhatsApps, texts, e-mails, social media, live chat and more.

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