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The year has only just started and QContact has already begun releasing new features into the platform. We have launched several new key features for our Communication AI (CAI) product;

CAI goes free
When we launched CAI last year, we were excited how our customers would embrace the ChatGPT functionality into the contact centre. We have seen some great use from our customers, and we wanted to extend this use further.

So we have taken the most popular features of CAI – the automatic sentiment analysis and conversational summaries and built them natively into the platform. This means your data never leaves QContact’s systems, and best of all – it’s completely free of charge.

We continue to offer the paid CAI options for those who prefer the ChatGPT models.

CAI Predictions
We are currently in preview on CAI Predict – a new addition to CAI which allows us to make automatic suggestionsfor you. For example we can predict the most likely category for a case, or perhaps the best knowledge base article to provide to the agent when a customer asks a question.

CAI Predict is in limited preview – so if you want to be included in the preview please reach out.

CAI Intents
If you are currently using Google Dialogflow to provide self service functionality from your Knowledge Base articles, we have a great update for you.

This functionality is now included natively with no third party link required and at no cost. It’s a simple one click change and removes any need for your data to be sent to Google.

Automated Classification Suggestions
CAI can now automatically suggest case fields automatically using AI. CAI learns what fields your staff set on certain types of queries, and will automatically suggest fields based on previous examples. By understanding the content of incoming messages and case notes, it can proactively suggest the best option for fields such as case category, who it is assigned to, or any custom field you have added. What’s better is CAI continues to learn, so only gets better with time.

Improved Agent Assistance
CAI has improved our agent assist knowledge base tool, by automatically suggesting relevant knowledge base articles to your staff based on the current content of a conversation. For example, a customer may ask how to reset a password, and CAI will instantly pop up a suggested knowledge base article to the agent to help guide them through the process.

Improved Self-Service
CAI can now handle automated questions and answers on your Self Service channels for you without the need for you to connect to any external systems such as Google Dialogflow. This ensures your data isn’t passed to any 3rd parties, as well as potentially saving costs. Now customers can describe their problem in a few words, and you can instantly offer them a suggested answer from your knowledge base, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Summarisation and Sentiment Improvements
CAI Analyse is now provided free-of-charge for all customers. This automatically summarises your conversations, as well as providing sentiment analysis. This complements our existing CAI Analyse functionality which remains for those who wish to benefit from the increased performance of the ChatGPT models and the automated Quality Assurance intents.

Safeguarding your data

QContact understands the trust our customers place in us, and we take our commitments to data security very seriously. QContact guarantees your data will not be used for any external training. Further, we guarantee where using our automatic CAI tools, your data doesn’t leave QContact’s own infrastructure. 

For those customers opting in to us the more advanced OpenAI ChatGPT service, we use the Microsoft Azure hosted version which also guarantees your data will not be used for any external training, as well as ensuring that for customers located outside the USA, ChatGPT service runs within the EU rather than on US servers.

In summary, QContact continues to improve the CAI product and as always provides all this functionality to our customers for no additional costs. If you want to see how CAI can help your business, reach out today and setup a free demo.

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