Straight forward pricing – just $69 per user.

We just need a few pieces of information to get you started. Get a live 1:1 demo and your questions answered.

Straight forward pricing – just $69 per user.

We just need a few pieces of information to get you started. Get a live 1:1 demo and your questions answered.

No complicated pricing, no multiple price point options or five-year fixed contracts.

Never lose a lead or a customer over a bad experience again. Start truly understanding how your business works, and improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction today.

Every channel included for free

Every feature included for free


Automated Dialling Make automatic outbound calls to maximise agent productivity Included
Calls Crystal clear voice calls using in-country datacentres to ensure reliable voice calls. Option for ExpressRoute direct connectivity to remove public internet Included
E-mail Send and receive e-mails automatically Included
Enquiry Forms Feed website enquiries to an agent within seconds Included
Facebook Respond to comments made on your posts, as well as full two-way messaging and paid Facebook Leads Included
Instagram Respond to comments made on your posts, as well as full two-way messaging and paid IG Leads Included
Live Chat Enable live chat on your website and help increase conversions Included
Microsoft 365 One-click integration with Microsoft 365 to link your e-mail, calendar and teams with QContact Included
Reviews Be notified when someone leaves a review on sites such as HelloPeter and quickly and effortlessly respond Included
Two-way SMS Send and receive text messages Included
WhatsApp Complete WhatsApp integration built-in with full support for images, videos, attachments and locations. Included


Drag & Drop Visual Builder An easy to use drag and drop builder to build your self-service flows Included
Automatic speech recognition Let your customers talk to your IVR, and use natural language processing to understand what they are asking for and route to the correct department. With support for multiple languages and accents. Included
Automatic text-to-speech Create dynamic voice prompts to your customers using the latest in neural network voice generation - with support in multiple languages and accents. Included
Chatbots Fully automated chat bot functionality using NLP & AI technology and/or step-by-step flows. Included
Data Dip against 3rd party systems Pull in important account information from 3rd party systems in real-time, allowing you to personally greet customers, automatically route calls based on account status or give order updates 24x7. Included
Log and report call flows Understand how your customers flowed through your self-service script both on a summary level and an individual call level. Included
Low-code environment A full low-code environment built-in, to let you build infinitely complex or simple routing to your precise needs using JavaScript snippets. Included
Natural Language / AI processing Build frequently asked questions or complex AI flows, and let the chat bot handle your queries 24x7 without having to route to an agent. Included
Secure data capture Capture information securely through self-service such as password resets or card information without your agents having access. Included
Store Locator Allow customers to send their location to you, and automatically respond with their nearest store. Included
Use the same flow across all channels Write your self-service flows once, and use across all your channels. Included


Data based routing Route incoming conversations based on data stored against the contact. Included
Department Priority routing Prioritise certain queues over others with department priority. Included
Language based routing Detect the language of incoming conversations automatically and route to a correctly skilled agent. Included
Low-code environment routing Dynamically route incoming conversations real-time with your own custom logic with our low-code environment. Included
Overflow Automatically overflow conversations into alternative departments if no agents are available, or is taking too long to answer Included
Rule based routing Route incoming conversations based on keywords or specific senders. Included
Schedule based routing Route incoming conversations based on the time of day, day of week, with support for public holidays and exceptions Included
Skills based routing Automatically route your incoming conversations to agents with the relevant skills to handle the enquiry. Included
User priority routing Have your most skilled agents on particular channels prioritised for routing. Included


Call Consult Allow users to speak to an advisor currently held in a queue without removing their place in the queue. Included
Call Pickup Allow users to see and pick up conversations held in a queue. Included
Desktop Notifications Configure your users to receive notifications when calls are in the queue Included
Directory Allow callers to select a user to route via extension or name based dialling. Included
High volume notifications Setup automated alerts to notify users who aren't on queue to log in when queue times or number of conversations in the queue exceed certain thresholds. Included
Interaction Capacity Controls Maximise productivity by allowing agents to handle multiple conversations at once. Complete flexibility of how many different types of interactions your agent can handle at any time, and which interactions take priority. Included
Low volume notifications Setup automated alerts if any particular department hasn't received any incoming conversations for a specified period of time. Useful to detect any carrier or website issues. Included
Nuisance Caller Blocks Block nuisance callers into an infinite never answering queue. Included
Off-site transfer Overflow calls to a 3rd party off-site either on a schedule, when call volumes are high, or on demand. Included
Overflow Automatically overflow conversations into alternative departments if no agents are available, or is taking too long to answer Included
Presence Allow your agents to see other agents' status before attempting to transfer calls to them. Included
Referral Source Tracking Track exactly where your incoming conversations are coming from through paid advertising, social media posts or organic search. Included
Self-Service Route incoming conversations to chat-bots, IVR menus or automated code and routing. Included
Snoozing Keep agents productive, by using the snooze function on a conversation. When the customer replies, the conversation will instantly be rerouted back to an agent without ending the conversation in the meantime, but allowing the agent to carry on with other work. Included
Spam filtering Automatically filter spam to improve your agent productivity. Included
Sticky agent Re-route incoming conversations back to the same agent who previously handled them if they are available. Included
Voicemail Allow your departments and individual agents to receive voicemail messages, with on-screen notifications and e-mail. Included


Answerphone Detection Automatically detect answerphones and voicemails to improve agent productivity. Included
Automated Dialling Improve agent productivity by having the system automatically make outgoing calls - for example to chase outstanding debts or speak to customers about upsell opportunities. Included
Blended Campaigns Have the same agents handling multiple different departments and both inbound and outbound communication. Included
Bulk Sender (multichannel) Send bulk communications to your customers by either selecting a criteria or uploading your list of chosen contacts. Included
BYOC (SMS) Bring your own SMS provider - you can use any HTTP compatible API. Included
BYOC (Voice) Bring your own voice carrier - you can use your own SIP trunks within the platform. Included
Calling Scripts Present your agents with relevant scripts and information based on what the call is regarding. Included
Do Not Call lists Block outgoing communication to customers Included
Dynamic Caller ID Automatically adjust your outbound Caller ID on calls to match country codes or improve answer rate by cycling through multiple Caller IDs. Included
E-mail layouts Send e-mails with rich beautiful graphical templates Included
Manual Dialling Start an outgoing call / WhatsApp / e-mail or SMS with just a single click. Included
Preview Dialling Allow your agents to preview the contact details before making an outbound call. Included
Scheduled Callbacks Allow your agents to set scheduled callbacks to contact a customer back at a time of their choosing, and have the system automatically call the customer and re-route to the right person. Included
Sequences Setup automated sequences/workflows based on customer action. For example automatically schedule a follow-up call after a customer's first order. Included
SMS Schedules Ensure SMS messages are only delivered during sociable hours rather than disturbing people late at night. Included


Agent activity timeline Visually see the agent's journey through their day Included
Automated responses Automatically reply to customer's enquiries with automated responses Included
Conversation History Search and filter every conversation quickly and effortlessly. Included
Custom Wallboards Create custom wallboard showing information in the format you want for your TVs around the office. Included
Customer Journey Visually see the path every customer went though when contacting your business. From self-service flow, to department queueing, to individual agent hold times. Included
Data export As well as full API access, we also give the ability to export report information in CSV or a live spreadsheet. Included
Disposition codes Tag each conversation with an outcome code, which can be used for reporting, SLA adherence and automations. Included
Full Open API Complete open API allowing you to retrieve all the information you require through a REST API. Included
Live Agent view See the present state of every user, how their day has been, as well as being able to live listen, whisper and barge into any calls. Included
Live Queue view See who is currently waiting in any department's queue, how many agents are available, with the ability to pick up, transfer or hang up any conversation In the queue. Included
Live Wallboard See real-time what is going on with your contact centre. Included
Pause codes Setup custom pause codes to accurately track agent off-call time. Included
Queue Performance See how quickly you are responding to incoming conversations across every channel, and adherence to SLAs. Included
Repeat Callers Identifiy repeat callers ensuring you detect issues even where agents are reporting them. Included
Scheduled reports Automatically schedule reports to e-mail or upload to cloud storage on a schedule each day. Included
Self-service flows See how customers use your self-service to understand common flows, where customers get stuck, and where you may need to improve the options. Included
Template responses Allow your agents to quickly use pre written template responses Included
Ticketing Performance Track your ticketing performance - from tickets open, average response time, and more. Included
Workforce forecasting Forecast agent needs with built-in intelligent Erlang forecasting tools. Included


3rd party data display Display data from 3rd party systems in real-time I the system Included
Book meetings Book meetings right into your calendar from the platform, including online Teams links automatically inserted. Included
Companies Group your contacts into business structures Included
Custom data fields Add custom fields to your customer profiles Included
Custom entities Create your own custom database entities Included
Custom layouts Customise the layout of your customer profiles to suit your business. Included
Customer journey See a complete customer journey across every channel and touchpoint. Included
Customised views Create customised table views of your customer profiles - showing the relevant information quickly Included
Data Export Export data to 3rd party systems Included
Data Import Import data from 3rd party systems Included
Dynamic filtering Quickly filter your views with dynamic filters Included
Export to CSV Export your data to CSV Included
Export to Google Looker Studio Export your data into Google Looker Studio Included
Export to live spreadsheet Export your data to Excel or Google Sheets with a live spreadsheet link, allowing you to automatically update the data in the spreadsheet. Included
Kanban boards View your records in a Kanban style view with drag and drop functionality. Included
Multi-currency Handle multiple currencies with ease Included
Opportunities Track your opportunities Included
Reminders / Tasks Set automatic reminders and call backs Included
Webhooks Trigger automatic webhooks to 3rd party systems on data changes. Included


Agent collaboration Allow multiple users to collaborate on the same ticket. Included
Analytics Full reporting tools to see how well your business is handling your tickets. Included
Auto assign Automatically assign tickets to the relevant department or user. Included
Automated workflows Trigger automatic sequences of actions based on customer behaviour or interactions. Included
Customer Web Portal Provide your customers with a web portal they can log into and view their open tickets, as well as open new ones. Included
SLAs Track whether you are responding with the agreed Service Levels. Included
Template responses Allow agents to quickly respond with pre-canned responses. Included


Authentifi Call Authentifi automatically from within QContact Included
Callbi Automatically upload your calls into Callbi for advanced transcription and quality assurance. Included
Custom 3rd party Integrate any 3rd party system with QContact through our Open APIs Included
Diarizeme Two-way integration with Diarize-me for appointment booking Included
Dynamics Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics through their WebAPI Included
EKM Full e-commerce integration with EKM presenting order information, and tracking details all without leaving QContact. Included
Klaviyo View every mailing campaign sent to your lists on your Contacts Included
Magento Full e-commerce integration with Magento presenting order information, and tracking details all without leaving QContact. Included
Mailchimp View your mailing campaigns from within QContact on the customer record, as well as control opt-in and segmentation from QContact. Included
Salesforce Full integration with both Salesforce Classic & Lightning, whether using Salesforce OpenCTI or using QContact pulling information real-time from Salesforce. Included
Screenpop Automatically pop up 3rd party systems to the relevant page on incoming conversations. Included
ServiceNow Full integration with ServiceNow allowing click-to-call and screenpops. Included
Shopify Full e-commerce integration with Shopify presenting order information, tracking details and refund ability all without leaving QContact. Included
WooCommerce Full e-commerce integration with WooCommerce presenting order information, and tracking details all without leaving QContact. Included
Xero Full integration with Xero accounting to enable you to see customer's invoices and balances when they contact you Included
Zendesk Two-way integration with Zendesk ticketing Included


Audit trail Full audit trails for every access and edit Included
Automated recording Ensure every call is recorded automatically, with alerts should any call fail for any reason. Included
Channel level security Restrict certain users to specific channels Included
Field level security Restrict read and write access to individual fields Included
Live Listening Listen live to user's phone calls, with ability to whisper and barge-in. Included
PCI compliant recordings Ensure your recordings are PCI compliant by ensuring no card details are included in the recordings. Included
Recording access control Restrict access to call recordings based on different roles and departments, with full audit log of each playback. Included
Retention Rules Configure how long to retain records, recordings and logs. Included
Single Sign-on Single Sign-on support for Microsoft 365, Azure AD and Google Workspaces. Included
User Roles Restrict access using User Roles, with specific permission sets and dynamic filtering. Included

Quality Assurance

Automatic account locking Automatically lock agent accounts on serious QA fails. Included
Custom scorecards Create QA scorecards to rate calls, and feedback to agents. Included
Customer satisfaction Ask customers for customer satisfaction ratings to generate a CSAT score. Included
Post-conversation surveys Automatically transfer calls and other interactions to a post-call survey. Included
Score based evaluation Evaluate based on scored questions Included
Threshold based evaluation Evaluate based on threshold questions leading to pass and fails. Included


Automatic segmentation Automatically segment your customers based on what they are purchasing. Included
Order Information See the customer's full order history every time they get in touch, in real-time. Included
Refund processing Process a refund from within the platform. Included
Tracking Information See the tracking numbers for every order on the customer profile. Included


E-mail marketing timeline See all your e-mail marketing in the unified customer timeline. Included
Referral Source Tracking Track where incoming enquiries are coming from - for example organic, social or paid advertising. Included
Segmentation Automatically segment your customers and push the segmentation into your e-mail marketing platform. Included
Sequences Trigger automatic sequences of actions based on customer behaviour or interactions. Included

Unified Communications

ACD Automatic Call Distribution Included
Blind Transfers Unattended transfer to other users Included
Browser based calling (WebRTC) No need to install any software - make and receive calls directly from your browser. Included
Call controls Control your calls from your web browser Included
Call Pickup See and easily pick up calls from the queue Included
Call Recording Record all your calls automatically Included
Conference Calling Have multiple parties in the same call Included
Microsoft Teams Integration Push the presence of users in the platform into your Teams environment. Included
Mobile App Install our mobile app to make and receive calls on the move. Included
PBX functionality Full PBX functions such as internal calling, transfers, and more Included
Physical Handset Connect any SIP compatible handset Included
Presence See the presence of each user - whether they are on a call, away from desk or on a break. Included
Softphone Connect any SIP compatible softphone Included
Voicemail to e-mail Receive your voicemails via e-mail Included
Warm Transfers Attended transfers to other users Included

Telecom Services

Local in-country breakouts Where possible we route calls through in-country breakouts, ensuring the call is presented with the correct local Caller ID. Included
Number porting We can port your existing number to our telephony service. Included
Numbering in 78 countries We can offer local numbers in over 78 countries around the world. Included
Tier-1 carrier If using our telephony, we ensure your calls are only routed over top-tier carriers to ensure the best quality and service. Included
Toll-free numbers We can offer toll-free / freephone / green numbers for your customers to contact you. Included
Two-way SMS mobile numbers We can offer two-way text messaging service. Included


Custom data validation Add custom validation to your specific business rules - for example a field being required based on specific values of other fields Included
Data enrichment Enrich your customer record by pulling data from 3rd party systems in real-time. Included
Dynamic Data Transformation Transform 3rd party API and data into a format suitable for your business Included
Full open REST API Complete open API allowing you to perform any action available in the User Interface and more through our REST API. Included
Live code monitor for debugging Debug any issues in your code through our debugging tools. Included
Low-code environment Completely customise system functionality with a low-code JavaScript environment allowing you to write custom business logic Included
Self-Service routing Re-route incoming conversations based on information sourced from your back-end system or customer details Included
Webhooks Integrate with 3rd party systems by hooking into their webhook functionality Included

Call Recording

Audit Trails Full audit trails for every playback Included
Retention policies Configure how long to retain records, recordings and logs. Included
Upload to Amazon S3 Upload call recordings automatically to your own Amazon S3 bucket. Included
Upload to Azure Upload call recordings automatically to your own Azure Blob container. Included
Upload to Callbi Upload call recordings automatically to Callbi Included
Upload to SFTP Upload call recordings automatically to your own SFTP destination. Included
Upload to Sharefile Upload call recordings automatically to your own Sharefile account. Included
Upload to Sharepoint Upload call recordings automatically to your own Sharepoint location. Included
User-level restrictions Restrict which users can listen to which recordings Included


Automated sequences Create automated workflows with sequences of actions such as sending e-mails, scheduling reminders, and more. Included
Manual sequences Allow sequences to be manually initiated with full access-level security. Included
Scheduled sequences Schedule sequences to run at regular intervals or a time in the future based on a specific action. Included