How to create highly personalised & relevant email campaigns through your CRM 

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Do you want to stand out in a sea of bland emails? Do you want to increase your open rates on email marketing? But not only that, do you want to turn those opens into more sales? If it’s a resounding yes, then read on & we’ll give you a rundown on how you can create highly personalised & relevant email campaigns through your CRM with a well thought out & strategic approach.

Segment your audience. 

This is the process of dividing your customer base into smaller groups of people & it’s a key activity to help you get to your know customers better.  

Use your CRM to segment your audience based on their interests, demographics, purchase history or previous engagement with your brand. Once you have segmented your audience you can create targeted campaigns that are relevant to each of them.  

For example:  

You could segment customers who have never purchased from you previously but have expressed an interest in a specific product or service in the past. If you have any offers coming up specific to their previous interactions, you can send out a personalised offer.  

Personalise your emails: 

Using the data in your CRM you can personalise emails in lots of different ways. Using the recipient’s name is a given but you can also personalise based on location, purchase history as well as any other relevant information.  

Birthdays & customer anniversaries are a brilliant way of personalising content, who doesn’t want a 10% off code for their birthday?  

This is a great example of how personalisation increases both open rates & engagement with your brand.  

Use dynamic content. 

Do you send out different versions of your email to different customers? If not, you should. 

Dynamic content allows you to create different versions of your email for different segments of your audience as these different segments will respond to different content.  

Men & women respond to different content. You might also want to re-word the copy for different age groups.  

Another good example is creating different versions of your email for new customers, repeat customers & also your lapsed customers. 

Use automation. 

Automation can be used in different ways, to set up regular email campaigns throughout the year, look at all the key dates in your calendar when you would normally run email marketing campaigns such as Black Friday.  

Another way to use automation, is as a tool to send our targeted emails to your audience based on their behaviour. A great example of this, is automatically sending out emails as ‘abandoned cart reminders’ or post-purchase follow-ups & then re-engagement campaigns. 

When used well, automation reduces both workload & cost across the business.  

Test and optimise. 

A/B testing will really help you to refine your email marketing campaigns to ensure your message is of value to your audiences.  

Use A/B testing to test different subject lines, calls to action & content to see what works best for each segment of your audience.  

You can then use this data in your CRM to track the success of your campaigns & then optimise them over time. 

By following these steps, you can create highly personalised & relevant email campaigns that resonate with your audience & drive engagement with your brand. 

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