Do you have an instagram page for your business?

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Do you have an instagram page for your business? Instagram now has over 25 million business users worldwide, making it a great place to showcase your products & services, build a community & engage with consumers. Connect your Instagram business page with QContact to improve your response times & engagement.

Interestingly, 60% of users say they discover new products through instagram with around 80% of users actively engage with businesses.

Brands understand the power of engaged communities – more exposure, more enquiries & more sales!

And with more & more people enquiring or making purchases through instagram, it’s more important than ever that brands improve their engagement & response times so customers get the same level of customer service across all channels.

They are already on instagram, so they don’t want to switch to another channel just to reach out & ask you a question.

With consumers expecting a response within 60 minutes, if you’re not quick to respond you risk losing  business!

Which is why when it comes to customer service, it’s important to have consistency of service across all your contact channels.

Connect your Instagram business page with QContact to improve your response times & engagement where your team can reply to comments or messages within minutes.

Improved response times

More than 39% of consumers expect a business to reply within 60 minutes, but does your social media team have the time to constantly be checking your Instagram inbox?

With QContact any incoming messages are instantly routed to someone who can help, allowing you to respond within just a few minutes to every single message. Helping you exceed customer expectations and improve customer satisfaction.

QContacts chat interface Do you have an instagram page for your business

Automate Responses

What happens when your staff have finished work for the day? What happens when a customer sends a message on a Friday evening and feels neglected by Monday morning when your staff return?

With QContact you can quickly and easily setup automatic responses to set customer expectations about response times, or even handle their query through an automated bot which can provide order updates or frequently asked questions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Customer interacting with QContacts self service Do you have an instagram page for your business

Understand the results

Far too often businesses know how important social media is to their business, but have no visibility of how effective different channels are.

With QContact we feed all your Instagram activity into our advanced reporting suit enabling your business to finally gain visibility of how many people engage with your business, your average response times, as well as complete 360 degree of all communication across all channels.

QContact reports Do you have an instagram page for your business

Better Engagement

Instagram users love to comment and engage on posts.

With QContact you can ensure any potential customer commenting on your posts is instantly routed to your team to respond to. The more engagement on a post, the better the post performs, and the more engaged your followers will become.

Spread the Load

Have a whole team of people handling all your Instagram messages and comments. Rather than rely on your social media manager to handle all Instagram activity, by connecting your Instagram to QContact.

Allowing you to not only continue to be able to keep on top of your IG in anyone’s absence, but also ensure a faster response time by allowing anyone in the team to seamlessly continue a conversation with the full message history and context shown.

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