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Shortly after Hellopeter launched their API, QContact was one of the first platforms to integrate the product directly into our platform. Not only does the integration provide access to quickly and effortlessly reply to Hellopeter reviews, you can now also monitor and reply to Google and Facebook reviews too. Learn how this integration will help you improve your business Hellopeter score.

business hellopeter score

One customer using this integration has seen a dramatic improvement in their time to reply, from over 24 hours to just over 1 hour. They also saw their average TrustIndex rating improve by over 50% by being able to both quickly respond to HelloPeter reviews and to be able to proactively prompt their customers to leave reviews after positive interactions across calls, e-mails, live chat, WhatsApp and social.

Another customer has seen a 26% and rising improvement in their TrustIndex rating since turning on the integration, with over 90% of recent reviews being positive.

QContact helps ensure customers have a positive experience with your business. By enabling them to communicate how they want, when they want – whether it be calls, e-mails, text messages, live chat, website enquiries, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. And as a business you don’t need to buy multiple products or have your staff maintain hundreds of tabs and logins.

With QContact, we bring every single communication into one unified timeline and interface. We also give you a single pane of glass to instantly see when a customer contacts you, all the relevant information to their enquiry, such as order information or service status with over 20 off-the-shelf integrations and a complete API for your in-house systems.

When your staff can quickly respond to any customer issues, you can turn an irate customer into a happy customer, and turn a potentially negative HelloPeter review, into a positive five-star review. Not just saving you a customer, but helping build your brand and reputation in the market.

Hopefully we helped you with how this integration can improve your business Hellopeter score. So if you are interested in seeing how Hellopeter can help your business, why not arrange a demo today.

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