Launching Instagram Integration – QContact 20th integration.

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Today QContact is launching Instagram integration. Learn how the integration works and how it improves your business. You can now bring all your Instagram direct messages, as well as any comments on your posts directly into QContact enabling your team to quickly and effortlessly reply to any customer enquiries.

Instagram becomes our 20th integration to date, with more in the pipeline for an exciting 2nd quarter in 2022. As always, every single one of our integrations is provided free-of-charge to all our existing users, and existing QContact customers can now connect their system to Instagram in under 60 seconds.

With over 1.2 billion active users, Instagram has become one of the hottest social media platforms. Adding to our existing integrations with WhatsApp and Facebook, QContact completes the Meta hat-trick covering all three of their social media platforms, and over 3.6 billion users worldwide.

So if your business is looking to unify all its communication under one system, from calls to social, live chat to e-mail, speak to QContact today about how we can help.

Below is the updated list of QContact Integrations:

Every order placed in your Magento store is automatically synced across to QContact.

Allowing your team to save time on searching for information and being instantly presented with the right information for the right customer.

We pull every campaign running in Mailchimp right on to your customer profile. So when a customer contacts you in regards to a mailshot they’ve just received, you know exactly which communication they’re referring to.

And tag customers into campaigns based on their purchase and communication history.

Keep your e-mails and calendar in-sync with our deep Office 365 integration.

No plugins to install, no software to setup – just one-click and you can link a mailbox directly to QContact meaning whether you use the CRM, Outlook or your phone – all 3 kept in perfect sync.

Send your customers automatic text messages to make payment via ETF rather than credit or debit card.

QContact automatically tracks the payment and updates the customer profile.

Using ShipStation to ship your orders?

QContact is fully integrated bringing every shipment and tracking information right on to the customer’s profile saving your team time.

QContact brings all your customer orders, refunds and fulfilments directly into your customer timeline.

When a customer gets in touch, you will see their latest order as well as every update to their previous orders.

QContact brings all your customer orders, subscriptions and refunds into our unified timline.

As soon as a customer gets in touch, your team will be ready to respond knowing everything about their recent orders.

QContact brings all your invoices, accounts receivable and accounts payable into your customer timeline.

Instantly sync contact information so when a customer calls or emails, you instantly know their account status.

Utilise WhatsApp as an inbound customer service channel, allowing customers to send enquiries & get a quick response.

You can keep your existing number or provision new number and you don’t need to keep mobile on all times. Share one number across multiple teams and users. Full support for images, documents, locations and audio messages.

Conversations started via direct message on Twitter will be brough into the platform so you can reply back to the customer without having to switch screens or log into Facebook.

Conversations started via direct message on Facebook will be brough into the platform.

And if you are running Facebook paid adverts QContact makes it simple to reply back to customer queries.

QContact, when integrating with Smile Identity, provides the best solution for real time Digital KYC (know your customer) identity verification, user onboarding and user authentication.

If you have invested in a Zendesk helpdesk solution, QContact provides a two-way integration to your ticketing system. Every ticket is automatically updated in QContact in real-time, and any changes made within QContact are instantly pushed back into Zendesk.

So you can handle all your customer enquiries and ticketing needs without ever leaving QContact.

Callbi offers market leading and cost-effective call transcription, allowing you to transcribe 100% of your calls into text.

Effortlessly search your calls for keywords or compliance issues, as well as creating automated alerts and word clouds across all your calls.

Does your business have a need to set appointments? DiarizeMe offers a complete appointment setting solution – from schedules to pricing, payments to availability – DiarizeMe can handle it all for you.

QContact seamlessly connects to DiarizeMe to provide appointment setting and real-time updates right within QContact.

The number one e-commerce platform in the UK, every order placed in your EKM store is automatically synced to QContact in real-time.

So when a customer contacts you, you can instantly see their most recent order history, status and tracking information without leaving QContact.

If you are currently using Salesforce for your CRM or Support needs, QContact can give you all the benefits of the QContact omnichannel solution connected with your existing Salesforce installation.

Whether you want to put Salesforce inside QContact, or QContact inside Salesforce, we have the solution for you. Works with both Lightning and Classic.

Connect your e-mail marketing database right into QContact. Allowing you to see which promotional e-mails each and every customer has received.

You can also automatically tag customers in your mailing lists based on contact or purchase activity from other integrated products in your QContact system.

Enable rich natural language processing by using a Dialogflow bot. Using the latest in NLP and AI technologies developed by Google, you can allow your customers to ask questions in natural language.

This saves your staff time answering common questions which a bot can quickly answer 24 hours a day on your behalf.

Quickly reply to incoming customer direct messages on Instagram, as well as any comments left on your posts with built-in Instagram integration.

With a built-in integration to the number one customer review site in South Africa, you can ensure any complaints are dealt with quickly by your team.

With our other integrations, you can quickly and easily see context to any review left on HelloPeter, as well as call or e-mail the customer back with just one click, leading to much faster resolution time and happier customers.

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Why not speak to us today to learn how your business can benefit from QContact, and be up and running within days