Top Customer Experience Hacks

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Learn the top customer experience hacks that will empower your businesses and bring the best CX tools to deal with your customers.

Establissh what excellence looks like

To do this, you really need to place your customer at the centre of everything, it may sound obvious, but most businesses forget this down the line & it starts to show.

To be truly great, all departments must come together to make this work which is why it’s important to get feedback from each department, come up with ideas to remove any friction & implement the ones that put the customer at the core of what they do.

When all your departments work together towards the same shared vision it will lead to a great customer experience.

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.

HubSpot Research

Empower your agents

Never underestimate the power of training, even if someone has been in the role a long time, training is the best way to install confidence & set your employees up for success.

Cover off lots of real-life scenarios, give autonomy to overcome any issues & be open to mistakes.

Your feedback should be constructive & given in a trusting manner balancing the negatives with the positives. When you hear a great call, use it for training the rest of the team or department.

Re-visit training often & congratulate on good calls.

If the company’s customer service is excellent, 78% of consumers will do business with them again after a mistake.

Salesforce Research

Map your customer journey

Map out a visual journey of your customers interactions with your brand from awareness right through to loyalty. This will help you to step into your customer’s shoes to see your business from their perspective.

Define your customer’s needs, problems & interactions with your business, then map out your customers experience at every stage of this journey.

What are the friction points within your business? How can you improve these? How can you measure this?

Asking these questions will help you become a truly customer centric business.

78% of business leaders believe that automating tasks in the organisation increases productivity for everyone involved.

Blend human touchpoint with AI

Don’t be afraid of the latest tech trends, when done well, AI can be a total game changer for your customer experience.

Whether it’s a well written chatbot for any frequently asked questions or a manned web chat for your website.

Blending AI & with human touch points allows your business to run more efficiently enabling your employees to work on the more detailed work without having to rush which can lead to mistakes.

66% of companies have increased their revenue by deploying AI technology.


Automate, automate, automate.

Automate all your necessary but repetitive manual tasks to streamline your processes & improve productivity.

From marketing emails, to admin, to paperwork & everything in between.

If you’re not utilising automation in your CRM, you really are making extra work for yourself.

97% of IT decision-makers say that process automation is crucial to digital transformation.

Embrance omni-channel customer service

Omni-channel customer service allows you to reply to your customers via your CRM on the same channel the customer contacted you on.

Your customers want to reach you on the channels they prefer not the ones you prefer.

Omni channel gives you an overview of every interaction, from every channel in a single screen for better speed & accuracy when dealing with queries.

Investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones.


Switch to the cloud

Switching to cloud-based CRM’s help save time & increase productivity within your business across all departments.

Not only that they are less expensive, but they also offer great security & offer better flexibility within your business.

We’ve all witnesses bad service during periods of WFH these last 2 years because businesses didn’t have the flexibility to work outside the office, if you want to future proof your business, the cloud really makes this possible.

Make it your mission to keep improving

So, you now know what excellent looks like & you’ve taken the necessary steps to improve your business & level up – well done!

Now you need to make it your mission to keep improving by reviewing it often & making changes where necessary.

Combine insights from customer feedback & employee feedback to make sure you are on the right track.

Learn the top customer experience hacks that will empower your businesses and bring the best CX tools to deal with your customers.

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