Coaching through QContact’s Omnichannel supervisor screen

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Read this coaching blog about QContacts Omnichannel supervisor screen that will help customer service, sales & contact centre managers. I’ll start by answering what this is.  

The supervisor screen is designed to help customer service, sales & contact centre managers enhance their team’s performance. It gives you a 360-degree view of all your agents in real time showing you important information needed to effectively support & coach your agents & deliver a better customer experience.  

If you’re managing a fast-paced team & having lots of inbound & outbound conversations, this screen is extremely useful as it shows you the ‘live’ status of all your agents, so you can immediately see the following information.   

  • Who’s available to speak.  
  • Who’s speaking to a customer. 
  • Who’s on lunch, break or in a meeting.  
  • Who has been on the phone for a while.  
  • Which channel the conversation started on.  
  • How many interactions have been answered or rejected.  
  • How many call backs have been set.  
  • How long the agent has been on their current call.  

With this information you can see which contact channels are the busiest & make sure you have the right number of agents to deal with the customers in a timely manner. 

Coaching through the supervisor screen.

Sales & customer service agents work to KPI’s & call duration is a usually a key measure of how well someone is performing.  

If you manage a sales team, you can easily see who is struggling to get into good quality conversations that will result in sales by looking at the average call duration.   

If the average call duration is low, it shows the person could be struggling overcoming early objections. Likewise, if it’s high & there are no sales to show for it, it’s likely the person is struggling to overcome late objections or to close sales.  

In customer service teams, depending on the channel you are working, there will be an ideal average call or interaction time that allows for doing a good job whilst being efficient enough to deal with high volumes of enquiries.  

You also want to be able to quickly see how many calls or interactions have been answered or rejected to help you spot any anomalies. If someone has dealt with more calls or interactions than normal it may indicate, they are dropping calls which is a serious issue.  

If you see someone has been on their current call for much longer than usual, it could indicate they are dealing with a difficult customer or that they are struggling to make sense of something.  

Again, these are quick insights that indicate where extra coaching & support may be needed.  

Live listening via the supervisor screen

This is a great feature that allows you to listen into an agent’s calls quickly & easily without having to sit next to them. As much as people love to be coached, they can often get nervous if its side by side. So, the ‘live listen’ feature is a great way of discreetly listening in & providing feedback.  

And if you’re a hybrid or remote business, it means you can provide coaching & support anytime from anywhere to give the same level of support you can give in the office!  

As your team get used to you live listening, they will regularly ask you to listen if when they get stuck with a difficult customer, they need help with, so it’s a great tool to build trust & confidence around coaching.  

If you’re listening into a call where the agent is struggling for some reason, there is also a whisper function that allows you to discreetly give advice on what to say without the customer hearing at their end. This is great for helping to build confidence with new starters or anyone who has been struggling with certain things in their calls.  

But if it escalates further, you can opt to take over the call without having to transfer the call over.  

This is just a brief overview of how you can use the supervisor screen, it’s one of our best loved features as it really helps leaders manage, support & coach their teams more effectively.  

The more time you invest coaching your agents the more confident & better they will be in their roles, even your long-standing team members need frequent coaching to ensure they haven’t picked up any bad habits along the way.  

And from a quality monitoring perspective, the more you coach, the less errors people will make.

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