10 Reasons why customer experience should be your main priority.

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E-commerce is really taking off & the pandemic has help to accelerate the shift from traditional high street shopping to online shopping. Learn 10 reasons why customer experience should be your main priority and why it will empower your business.

But there’s concerns, whilst some businesses are really leading the way from a customer service perspective, some business are really struggling to stay on top of even the simplest of queries, they simply don’t have the correct systems in place to deal with the influx of sales & after sales enquiries they are getting.

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And with e-commerce set to grow even further year on year, this is a problem that can no longer be ignored.

Brand loyalty really does depend on how good your customer service is, here are some interesting statistics around e-commerce & customer service.

Around the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. 


When asking consumers what impacts their level of trust with a company, offering excellent customer service is ranked number one. 


90% of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying a product.


Loyal customers are seven times as likely to test an offering, five times as likely to buy again and four times as likely to refer.


95% of customers tell others about a bad experience and 87% share good experiences. 


68% of buyers will pay more for products & services from a company with a strong record of customer service.


48% of consumers expect a response to social media questions and complaints within 24 hours. 


63% of customers are happy to be served by a chatbot, if there is an option to escalate the conversation to a human. 


9 in 10 consumers want absolute omnichannel service – they expect a seamless experience when moving from one communication method to another, such as phone to text or chat to phone.

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After more than one bad experience, around 80% of consumers say they would rather do business with a competitor.


Take Away

So, if you have an e-commerce business, look after your customers by making it easy for them to contact your business if they have a query of any kind.

A happy customer will recommend you to friends & family, but an unhappy customer will not only tell their friends & family, they’ll leave a negative review about you on trust pilot or social media.   

Remember, your customers are the lifeblood of your business, make it your mission to keep them happy & remember, happy customers are lifelong customers. 

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These were 10 reasons why customer experience should be your main priority and why it will empower your business so you NEVER lose a conversation again, regardless of where it started.

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