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Complete API.

Blind Transfer.



Call Monitoring.

Lead Source Tracking.

Office 365 Integration.

Ecommerce Integration.

Agent Dashboard.

Two-factor Authentication.

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All communication channels. All your customer information. One single unified interface.We bring every interaction and touch-point with your customers into one unified interface saving your staff time and improving customer satisfaction.


Utilise this across all your channels of communication.

Advanced AI Technology

Set automatic reminders to alleviate to do lists & provide consistent interactions with your customers.

Auto Reminders

Automatically reply to emails & direct messages through all channels, to allow you to follow up flawlessly, never miss a single customer again.

Auto Reply

Create automated workflows based on a series of pre-defined business rules where human tasks or documents are routed between people or the system.

Automated Workflows

Send automatic follow up SMS, helping you to save time, deliver a better customer experience.

Automatic follow-up SMS

Automatically upload your call recordings and uploaded files through to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Automatic File Synchronisation

Our 2-way open API allows us to integrate with any software with the same capabilities. Giving you more information in one place.

Complete API

Create powerful knowledge-based articles to allow your customers to get answers to their questions quickly.

Knowledge based articles

Allow your customer to selflessly transition between channels. Switch from a Facebook messenger conversation to a phone call or even a WhatsApp message. Giving your customers a seamless customer service experience through their preferred channels.

Omnichannel Self-Service

Create pre-written templates for customer support, sales & marketing. From traditional phone & email channels right across social media channels to Reply faster & boost customer satisfaction.

Pre-canned responses

Create your own custom intuitive business rules & workflows without coding logic. Increase efficiency & productivity whilst giving your business agility.

Powerful Rules Engine

Proactively prompt your customers to initiate a live chat based on the page they’re visiting.

Webchat Prompts

Call Routing

Route your enquiries through to the best skilled advisor for each and every enquiry. Set priorities on both channels and departments to ensure your most important enquiries are answered first.

Advanced Skills Based

Choose how you wish your transfer calls to another agent or department. During busy periods blind transfer calls to free up users or warm transfer the call when an introduction is needed.

Call Transfers

Make sure your important conversations such as phone calls are answered immediately by selecting which channels take priority over others.

Channel Priority

Build complex phone trees with our simple easy-to-use tool. From Press 1 for Sales and 2 for Support, all the way through to natural language processing with neural networks – QContact helps build the exact functionality you need with ease. Write once for one channel and use them across all channels such as Calls, WhatsApp, Facebook and Live Chat.

Complete IVR Builder

Instantly add multiple users into your conversation where required to get immediate advice or support on more complex queries.

Conference Calls / Three-way Calls

You can choose how many enquiries of each channel type your staff can handle at once. For example, you may want users to handle 3 live web chats at once, but only 1 phone call at a time.

Custom Interaction Capacity

Tag every interaction with a disposition so you can track what enquires are coming and their outcomes without having to read or listen to every interaction. Understand the main reasons your customers contact & through which channel they contact you, so that can analyse, plan & deliver extra support.


If a department is busy or closed, you can automatically divert the call to another department or external number.

Divert Rules

Intelligently route calls through via a voice response system of pre-recorded messages to put customers through to then the correct department without having to speak to a switch board. Our IVR can also give your customers the option to switch simple queries to your webchat or even your WhatsApp during busy periods. Speeding up wait times, putting customers to the correct department whilst eliminating queries that can be answered quickly through your FAQ’s on your chat bot or website, even out of hours.


Allow your customers to save their position in the queue without having to wait on hold.

Leave message in the queue

Let your customers know how long their call will take to be answered with ease.

Play queue position & estimated wait time

Look for keywords in your customer communication to automatically redirect or prioritise their message. For example, you may want to prioritise any communication with the word “refund” in over general enquiries.

Routing Rules

Automatically open and close your departments on a schedule through our advanced scheduling tool across all your different contact channels. Allowing to pre-set voicemails, automatic replies & AI technology. Example: Bank holidays & Christmas. Also, automatically set schedule overrides for public holidays or training in advance.

Schedule Hours & Exceptions

Trigger actions on a regular schedule automatically. For example, to update a policy renewal date every 12 months.

Schedule Workflows

When handling channels such as WhatsApp where you are waiting for a customer to respond, you can easily snooze/park the conversation waiting for the reply freeing up your staff’s time to handle other enquiries.

Snooze function

Filter incoming emails and web call-backs for spam to save your agents time dealing with junk.

Spam Filter


Integration with Google Dialogue-flow to enable advanced chat bots or use our built-in knowledge base system to build powerful chatbots using our built-in tools.


With our deep Microsoft 365 integration you can send messages through the CRM, Outlook or even a mobile phone & they will still appear in the interaction history on the customer record.


Conversations started via direct message on Facebook will be brough into the platform so you can reply back to the customer without having to switch screens or log into Facebook.

Facebook – Direct Message

If you are running Facebook paid adverts QContact makes it simple to reply back to customer queries but bringing those conversation straight through to the platform so you can reply immediately.

Facebook – Paid Advertising Leads

Quickly respond to comments on your Facebook posts without switching screens.

Facebook – Post Comments

If you are running Instagram paid adverts QContact makes it simple to reply back to customer queries but bringing those conversation straight through to the platform so you can reply immediately.

Instagram – Paid Advertising Leads

Quickly respond to comments on your Instagram posts without switching screens.

Instagram – Post Comments

Send & receive SMS messages through the platform & always have a record against the customers profile of all SMS conversations.


Conversations started via direct message on Twitter will be brough into the platform so you can reply back to the customer without having to switch screens or log into Facebook.

Twitter – Direct Message

With voice channels still being an effective communication channel, QContact makes it easier to have to richer conversations with your customers.


With voice channels still being an effective communication channel, QContact makes it easier to have to richer conversations with your customers.


Simplify how customers contact you whilst getting all the information you need whilst reducing spam messages. All new website enquiries will come straight through to the platform as either a new customer enquiry or an existing customer enquiry.

Website – Enquiry Form / Callback Request

QContact provides you with the technology to add a live, fully customisable webchat on to your website at no extra cost. Helping you to provide your customers with instant text-based communication 24/7, 365 days a year.

Website – Live Chat

Utilise WhatsApp as an inbound customer service channel, allowing customers to send enquiries & get a quick response.



Pause call recordings when customers need to give payment information or allow a customer to do this themselves via the keypad on their phone. Allowing flexibility for your customers whilst remaining complaint as a business in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Automated Payment Capture

Instant access to call handling times & other important KPI’s so you can identify problems quickly & increase performance.

Call Monitoring

Every call is recorded & stored on against the customers record, with instant playback on call recordings you can listen back immediately, provide instant coaching & also have all calls readily available for quality monitoring or audits.

Call Recording

PCI compliant call recordings allows your users to pause the recording to take customer payment information or transfer your customer through to a self-service option to input their payment details in over the phone.

Call Recording Controls


A complete overview of all the important customer information & contact history in one single screen. Remove the hassle of logging into multiple platforms & waiting for information to appear, QContact provides all the relevant in an instant.

360 customer view

Send your emails using branded templates automatically.

Automatic Layouts

Simple click to dial functionality built into the platform, click the number on the account you wish to dial & it will automatically call out via your internet connection.

Click to Dial + On screen dial pad

Create condition fields to ensure that users collect all the relevant customer information needed before they can save the information. Preventing errors & lost information.

Conditional fields

Every single customer interaction recorded in date order, no matter which channel the conversation was started on.

Conversation timeline

Create your own fields & data structures to the system so you can store exactly the information you need to store against each and every customer.

Custom Entities & Fields

View the information the way you want to see it with various lists & Kanban style options. Making your data easily to understand.

Customisable Views

Get an overview of your week or month ahead, view call backs, tasks, tickets or even new business opportunities at a glance. Understand your workload better whilst more manageable.

Dairy System

Tag incoming documents and create powerful workflow automation from them. Image come in upside down or wrong format? QContact can resize, rotate and combine documents with ease.

Document Management

Quickly view documents uploaded to your customers record. From IDs, to paperwork or even electronic contracts. Quickly check the information is correct so you can deal with any errors immediately.

Document Review

Have a system you wish to integrate that supports webhooks? Use dynamic webhooks to trigger actions within QContact based on external webhooks.

Dynamic Webhooks

Input data via CSV files directly into the CRM to quickly upload data or campaigns with all the relevant information needed. Save time whilst ensuring you never run out of data.

Import/Export Data

Work from anywhere on your laptop or computer, all you need is an internet connection to manage all your calls & emails through our platform. This includes all your communication channels. Giving you the power to manage all customer communications in one place, quickly & easily, regardless of where you are working from.

Integrated Phone & Email

Automatically send large attachments as a shareable link rather than have the e-mail bounce back.

Large E-mail Handling

Track new business opportunities from creation right through to the end of your sales process. Never lose a lead again.

Lead Tracking

Track which channels your new business opportunities are coming from to help plan future campaigns.

Lead Source Tracking

Track leads statuses to understand which part of the sales process an opportunity is at. These are customisable around you’re sales process or customer journey.

Lead Status Tracking

Seamlessly manage all of your customer conversation in one place without the need to log in to multiple systems or switch. Every interaction recorded & stored on your customers record in date order in one single easy to follow view.

Manage All Communications

This integration allows you send & receive emails through the platform & through your outlook apps whilst storing all outgoing & incoming messages on your clients account. Never lose an important email conversation again.

Office 365 Integration

Different views of your sales funnel allowing you to track every stage of your new business opportunities whilst giving you more options to customise your user experience.

Opportunities & Pipeline (Kanban View)

Create custom playlist of data you wish dial, giving you the ability to quickly move through contacts with the click of a button.

Playlist Function

View your customers full purchase history in the same view as their customer information & full interaction history, from orders to returns & refunds.

Purchase History

Send your customers a quick link to enable them to securely upload documents or photos from their desktop or mobile device with ease.

Secure Upload

Easily track changes to your customers profile so you can see the entire customer journey.

Status Changes

Track your incoming leads throughout their life cycle.

Status Tracking

Your customers can log in to a secure ticketing portal to update their cases, raise new cases as well as see case history.

Ticket Portal

See more information without having to change screens, saving you time whilst allowing your customers to contact you through their preferred channel. All conversations are pulled from each channel into one single view on the customer’s account. Improving response times & customer service

True Omni-Channel

Whether you are a small business, a growing business or a large enterprise, there are no contact limits within the CRM so you will never be penalised for scaling your business up. Whether you are a small business, a growing business or a large enterprise, there are contact limits within the CRM. So, you will never be penalised for scaling your business or have to choose which contacts to remove.

Unlimited Contacts


Give all users an instant personal overview of their daily workload & activity. This allows user to plan their day around their calendar & any call backs as well as being able to instantly see their own activity for the day.

Agent Dashboard

Quickly create customer call-back reminders on the system to make sure users never miss a follow up call again. Helping you to deliver a better customer experience & reduce customer complaints.

Call back Diary System

Quickly hover over the number stored against your customer records & when you’re ready to call them just click on the number to make an outgoing call. Saving time manually dialling numbers.

Click to Dial

No hardware or software installs needed. Connect via your browser, allowing users to connect anywhere in the world for instant access.

Cloud Based

Send & receive contracts or paperwork electronically-signatures reduce the close time of a sale from an average of 5 days to 36 minutes, helping to improve efficiency & reduce costs.

Electronic Signatures

Export and import your information through the tools you prefer. Whether you wish to use our API, CSV, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets – we have you covered.

Data Import & Export

Create tickets automatically, automatically reply to customers and correctly assign the ticket to the relevant department.

Full Ticketing System

Export your information into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and have the data update in real-time directly from your spreadsheet.

Live Data Views

QContact is pre-programmed in English, Spanish, Greek & Italian.

Multiple Languages Available

QContact doesn’t require any hardware requirements other than a computer or laptop connected to the internet.

No Hardware Requirements

Connect to QContact through the cloud so you don’t have to have any software installs on your laptop or your computer, allowing you to access the platform, anywhere.

No Software Installs

With our completely open API we can offer out of the box & custom into your favourite products. Push & pull information between QContact & our integration’s so you always have a single pane view of all the relevant customer information needed.

Open API

Our control panel allows you to make custom changes to your system, as & when you need to. Giving you the ability to control any change requests that would usually take days to be actioned. If you want support, we also have support on hand.

Open Control Panel – Make Instant Changes

Allowing you to back up your own data to your own servers if needed.

S3 Bucket Export

Load in your list of stockists/shops/locations and QContact can help your customers find their nearest location through WhatsApp or the web.

Store Locator

Within each customer profile you can see every touch point you have had with that customer showing you the full customer history in one single view. See all conversations through all channels in chronological order, that highlights the channel used. Instantly see call recordings, order history, returns, payments etc.

Unified Multi-channel Customer Journey View

No limits to how many files you store within the platform, so you don’t need to save files elsewhere.

Unlimited File Storage

QContact can be accessed from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. So whether your team are working from the office, working from home or have blended working they can easily connect from anywhere giving your business true flexibility.

Worldwide Access


Automatically ask your customers to rate the service they experienced at the end of your interactions.

Automated NPS / CSAT Surveys

Automatically replace the number on your website with a unique number so you can track exactly where your incoming phone enquiries are coming from.

Dynamic Number Replacement


View performance by contact activity type to see how many calls, texts, emails, socials & call backs have been done over a specified time period. View notes & status changes.

Contact Activity Reports

Access information on chatbot activity to see what enquiries you are getting the most via your webchats, use this information to proactively reduce common enquiries before they happen.

Chatbot Activity

View conversation history by individual users, teams or departments. Look up customer interactions by their outcomes & by the contact type. Quickly access call recordings or conversations by any channel quickly without leaving this screen.

Conversation History Reports

If you need something more specific to your business, we also have a custom report builder.

Custom Reports

Track where your enquiries are coming from so you know which channels are working for you. For example, did you enquiry come from a paid advertising campaign or organic search.

Lead Source Tracking

Check how many tickets/cases you have ongoing & view what status they are in. Check the average time it takes to respond back to your customers as well as how long it takes to be fully resolved.

Ticket Summary Reports

Powerful reporting to give you specific information you need, when you need it. No more waiting for to reports to run or waiting till the end of the day.

Real Time Reports

View all inbound & outbound calls to stay on top of your SLA’s. See answered calls, average answer time & average lost times. The additional timeline view will allow you to see your busy times, when you are losing calls so you can plan extra resource.

SLA & Queue Performance

Look up performance by agent, team or department

Staff Performance & Activity

A 36-degree view of all your agents in real time showing you important information, current agent status & call duration, answered, rejected, calls, chats, emails, socials, SMS & call-backs whilst also giving an overview of important call durations.  Giving you an instant overview on current user or department performance at any time.

Supervisor Screen

Our user dashboard lets each user see their individual performance plus an overview of their day, including call backs & reminders.

User Performance Dashboard

Share reports & dashboards on to external screens around your business, giving your departments full visibility on important KPI’s & other information in real time. (Ask Oli if this shows call queues etc still).



Your data is kept secure at all times. Encrypted both in transit and at rest, your data is held in a fully GDPR/PoPI*/HIPAA compliant manner.

Data Security

Every action is logged to ensure full HIPAA compliance - Your organisation must sign a BAA with us to make your instance HIPAA compliant.


Restrict access to your systems from your office or VPN IPs only, allow remote access to individual users or allow all users to connect remotely from anywhere in the world. The choice is yours.

IP Restrictions

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Password Policies

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Two-factor Authentication

Restrict access to each and every feature and field with our complete User Role security centre.

User Role Restrictions


Automatically distribute your incoming enquiries to the longest waiting member of staff.


We can provide you with world-wide calls & texts at a very competitive price however if you are happy with the relationship you have with your existing carrier we offer you the flexibility to continue to use them whilst using our platform.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Automatically forward your calls to an external party out of hours. 

Call Forwarding

Automatically forward your calls to an external party out of hours. 

Call Handling

Manage people in your Do Not Call list and block outgoing calls to people who haven’t consented to receive them.

DNC Management

Place customers on hold with or without hold music. Or have a pre-recorded message of your choice.

Hold & Hold Music

We can instantly activate numbers across the world using our network of telephone carriers. In many countries we can also offer freephone/toll-free, national and mobile numbering.

Instant Number Provisioning

All the features you would expect in a PBX included out-of-the-box including IVR trees, internal transfers, call parking, call recording and more.


If you want you can use QContact with existing physical handsets too.

Physical Handset (VOIP)

Ensure crystal clear calls every time with full support for QoS to ensure high priority given to your voice calls.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Connect your mobile device to QContact through a softphone app to allow you to gain the benefits of call recordings & reporting via your mobile.

Softphone (Windows / IOS / Android)

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Two-way SMS Numbers

Allow your customers to leave voicemails for your team which with our visual voicemail. You can also e-mail voicemail messages direct to your inbox.


No need to install any software - start making and receiving calls in QContact with just your web browser.

Web Browser (WebRTC)