Effortlessly track issues across channels.

Allow your customers to open issues wherever they are, and continue the conversation across channels.

Route intelligently

You can automatically route new issues to the correct team or specific advisors to handle. With automatic assignment and skills based routing.

Boost productivity

Respond to frequently asked questions automatically, or allow your staff to use prewritten snippets within their responses.

Track & Report

With a complete reporting suite, you can track how quickly your business is responding to issues, at both an individual and company wide level.

Unified Interface

Whether your customer has opened an issue on WhatsApp, e-mail, phone call or any of our other channels – handle every issue in one unified interface.

Single pane of glass

With QContact your staff can not just see the issue, but a full 360-degree of your customer. Whether it’s their most recent purchases, billing information or previous correspondence – we present it all in a single unified view.

Automate with ease

You can setup easy automations to be triggered either manually, based on any changes to the ticket, or even on an automated schedule.

Customise all you wish

You can add your own custom fields, adjust the layout and completely customise the look and feel of the product to suit your needs.


Lower the number of tickets opened with our complete AI self-service answering frequently asked questions before they even hit an agent.

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