Seamless integration with Diarize Me.

Diarize Me is an online business management tool that lets you manage appointments, clients, payments, online bookings, and more. Designed to save your business hours of time everyday, allowing you to take control & be more productive.

Online booking made easy

Diarize Me takes the hassle out of managing appointments for your business by allowing customers to book directly through your website or business Facebook page 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can keep track of your customers information, upcoming bookings & appointment history.

Reduces no shows

Secure your bookings with online deposits & reduce no shows by sending our SMS reminders before appointments allowing customers to reschedule any last minute changes. Diarize Me allows you to select the deposit fee & process the payment online before sending a receipt to the customer.

Reduce admin time

Client records can be both automatically & manually updated allowing you add to in any other important information such as communication preferences & notes, whilst also giving you access to client information online at any time.

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