Modern Slavery Statement

QContact is committed to combat slavery and human trafficking. This document sets out the actions taken by QContact and its subsidiaries (“QContact”) to understand all potential modern slavery risks related to its business and to put in place steps to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking within our business or our vendor supply chain.


  • QContact provides cloud-based software to businesses
  • QContact provides telephony services to businesses
  • QContact provides service directly to businesses, as well as using distribution partners
  • QContact commits to apply our policies worldwide across all our subsidiaries.

Supply chain:

  • QContact has a zero-tolerance policy to human slavery and human trafficking.
  • In order for QContact to provide its service, it is required to purchase goods and services from third parties.
  • QContact evaluates its supply chain to identify potential areas with the highest risk of human slavery or human trafficking.
  • Certain areas are deemed low risk – such as purchasing software or telecommunications services from high income countries.
  • Certain areas are deemed a higher risk – such as low-value equipment manufactured in low wage countries.

Due diligence:

  • Before taking on any new supplier, a risk assessment is carried out.
  • Where a supplier is deemed a higher risk supplier, their modern slavery and human trafficking statements are requested and reviewed.
  • QContact conducts regular reviews of existing suppliers to evaluate if the risk has changed, and to ensure those with higher risk continue to maintain compliance.


  • To ensure our policies are adhered to throughout the business, we conduct training with individuals involved in procurement.