Still using ISDN in your business? Your service will end soon

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Still using ISDN in your business? Your service will end soon.

Openreach, the company behind the UK’s legacy BT telephone network have previously announced that all traditional phone and ISDN services will be discontinued in the next few years. With the deadline fast approaching, Openreach has announced some areas such as Sailsbury will have service ended even sooner – with no more ISDN or Analog phone lines available to order as of December 2020.

With over 16 million phone lines needing to be migrated to VOIP over the next five years, the scale of the task is unprecedented. Every business with a legacy PBX will either need to migrate to a new phone system or purchase expensive hardware adapters to convert the traditional ISDN signal into VOIP.

If your business is still using a legacy PBX system, your best solution may be to look at the market for an alternative solution. Technology is constantly evolving, and there are fantastic unified communication products on the market giving you not just phone calls, but a completely integrated solution.

QContact can provide your business with a complete unified solution – bringing all your calls, texts, emails and social media into one unified system. With a complete built-in CRM you can easily see every customer touchpoint and information in one single view. Have an online store? We can pull information in from your shopping cart software in too.

So speak to QContact today to schedule a demo and see how QContact can help future proof your business.

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