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Many businesses have started to realise the power of enabling communication beyond the phone – you may even already have a WhatsApp Business number. Read about how you can have one number for every channel.

However when a customer wishes to communicate with you, they probably turn to Google for the answer of how to get in touch. You can’t list a separate number for calls and another for WhatsApp. With QContact you don’t have to chose – we can enable a single number for calls, texts and WhatsApp.

This enables your customer to save one number, for Google to list just one number – and yet your customer can chose the best method of communication for each interaction.

You may already use text messaging in your business – for example order confirmations, appointment reminders or even payment reminders. Whilst traditionally businesses have sent these messages from non-repliable numbers, why not enable replies back?

If you send an appointment reminder, why not allow your customer to reply straight back if they need to rearrange rather than force them to find another way to respond. Or worse still, the customer may think they’ve notified you of the issue for you to realise your existing SMS come from a random number you don’t receive the replies from.

With QContact we can provide you with a single number that works for calls, text-messages and WhatsApp – enabling your customers to communicate with you how they want when they want.

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