8 Reasons not to get a CRM ;)

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Read 8 reasons not to get a CRM that revolutionises your working life and if you prefer to work hard and not smart.

1. You don’t care about staying on top of referrals or paid leads.

Afterall, all those hours you have spent working on your brand just aren’t that important to you. As they say, time is relative & all that jazz!

2. You just love having to log into multiple systems every day to reply back to your customers messages.

So, what if a takes 20 minutes to cross reference a conversation that started on your Facebook page only for the customer to email you back 2 months later. Having a photographic memory is no biggie & to be honest, you don’t really want to improve your client communications.

3. You just love Excel & can’t bear to part ways with it, it’s been with you since college, university & you even use it to manage your monthly finances.

So, what if your computer decides to show you the blue screen of death & you didn’t back it up, after all, you just love excel & don’t mind starting over.

4 .You don’t need technical support, nope, not you.

You love nothing than spending your own time figuring out complex processes. So, what if your partners getting fed up with it all, you don’t mind being in the doghouse, it’s quite cosy.

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5. You don’t see the point in automating mundane tasks.

You just love being a busy fool, why automate your business processes when you can just work through your breaks & lunches trying to keep on top of everything. Afterall, you enjoy being busy for the sake of being busy.

6. You don’t need reporting.

You don’t care what works well for your business & what doesn’t, you’re too busy stressing about your workload. Afterall, why would you want to make your business run better when it’s doing ok?

7. You don’t want coaching tools such as live listen & instant replay on calls.

Why would you want to coach & support your staff? So, what if coaching & supporting your employee’s makes them want to stay working for you. You don’t mind having a revolving door of new staff, you enjoy wasting money on training & recruiting.

8. You don’t care about compliance or GDPR.

Your happy storing all your customer’s information on your laptop. It’s just a fine, your fine with that, anyway what’s 4% of your annual turnover anyway?

So, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to work hard & not smart then without a doubt, a cloudbased CRM that revolutionises your working life is definitely not for you!

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