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Events in South Africa last week highlighted why QContact’s fair, local pricing is so important for our partners and clients.  


South Africa’s national currency, the Rand, has seen record lows against foreign currencies such as the US Dollar, with more volatility expected ahead.   


“The currency was pummelled this week by investor concerns over the worst power cuts on record followed by a U.S. allegation that a Russian ship had picked up weapons in South Africa in December.”  


If you are buying your products and services from foreign vendors in foreign currencies, not only are you exposed to potentially paying expensive wire transfers, but you’re also subject to the swings of currency movements.  


Let’s take an example – imagine a South African business signed up to a 12-month contract to a foreign vendor in June 2022 at $1,000 per month – at the time that was just R15,291 per month. However, that same “fixed-price” contract would now be costing you R19,254 per month – a 26% increase.  


How can you accurately forecast and budget if your costs can change by over 25% in a few months – and that’s before we even consider annual price rises or inflation linked increases.   


QContact works differently. We offer local pricing in local currencies, ensuring the price you pay today is the same price you’ll pay every month. From pounds to rands, from euro to dollars – stable long-term pricing in your currency of choice. With local banking details in many countries meaning not only do you benefit from stable pricing, but don’t have the added expense of international wire transfers.  


So why not speak to QContact today and see how you can safeguard your businesses financial future with our stable long-term pricing in your local currency.

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