What is CCaaS (Contact Centre as a service)?

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Contact centre as a service or CCaaS as it’s known is a cloud based, customer experience solution which has exploded in popularity over recent years. It plays a pivotal role in every step of the customer journey, from new acquisition to customer experience & customer retention.  

The CCaaS model allows companies to purchase the technology they need & because its cloud based & managed by the vendor, it massively reduces costs compared to having an in-premise solution with specialist IT teams to manage it.  

To put it simply, it’s the outsourcing of the technology infrastructure that makes a contact centre tick & because it’s all cloud based, there’s no need for expensive hardware such a physical phone for every agent.  

With CCaaS, you purchase a licence per user & get access through the cloud. It’s easy to deploy, easy to scale & flexible in terms of pricing. It also means your call centre agents can’t pretty much work from anywhere with an internet connection.  

Let’s look at some of the other benefits…  

Improved agent experience  

CCaaS offers a streamlined agent experience, it breaks down silos between different departments & makes it much easier to access all the required information to do their jobs effectively. It empowers agents making them less reliant on other departments & managers. When agents find it easier to do their jobs, it removes a lot of the day-to-day frustrations which leads to less agent churn & reduced operational costs. Agents are more confident in the role & more efficient at what they do. Which leads us nicely to the next point!  

Improved customer experience  

CCaaS technology makes businesses run more efficiently across the board, from business process automation, too lots of tools designed to make communication with customers via voice, live chat, or email quick & easy. Not only that, but you also get a single pane view with all the relevant customer information on a single screen, which means less time searching for information & less of a need for customers to be placed on hold. It simplifies & connects every customer touch point making the customer journey smooth & hassle free & when your break down silos, you empower agents to work with more autonomy, which in turn improves the customer’s overall experience.  

Improved coaching & training  

CCaaS comes with lots of tools to make coaching & training easier than ever before. Whether your agents are office based or remote, you can effectively coach them from anywhere! CCaaS technology has all the tools within the same platform. Instant playback on call recordings eliminates time wasted downloading calls before listening to them. Speech analytics tools instantly transcribe audio calls into written format, saving so much time when recording coaching sessions & feedback. Speech analytics quickly spot words in calls that may not permitted, such a swear words or anything phrases that aren’t compliant. Powerful inbuilt supervisor screens show real time call data for each agent, so you can quickly spot anyone who might be struggling on calls so you can coach them & have an impact on their performance quicker. And once you’ve identified any agents who need extra support, coaching them can be as easy as clicking a button to live listen without them having to worry about your being plugged in by their side, taking away some of the anxiety agents may feel.  

Reporting & analytics  

CCaaS technology comes with powerful real time reporting & analytics so you measure all your important call centre metrics. CCaaS holds a wealth of data that relates to every single customer interaction with your business across every single contact channel. This gives you powerful insights about how well your business is performing in many different areas. How many calls are being abandoned daily? Which teams or departments abandon the most? Which teams or departments are over performing or underperforming? Which are your busiest times? Which are your busiest channels? How long does the average ticket take too close? How long does it take to resolve the average complaint? With access to so much data you can switch from making decisions reactively to being more proactive.  

Up to date technology that keeps up with new trends 

Another great benefit of CCaaS is that it’s in the interest of the vendors to keep on track of new contact centre trends. Because they want to stay ahead of the curve, as & when new technology comes out, you will automatically benefit from the roll out with some vendors even going a step further & providing training on any new features. As they stay ahead of the curve, you stay ahead of your competition. And as technology advances such as AI, you won’t incur the costs of staying up to date.  

Integrations into other great software tools  

CCaaS service comes with all the technology needed to run a contact centre business. It includes 100’s of tools to make any sized contact centre run more efficiently at scale. However, each business has different needs & different processes, so may require additional tools that are important to the day to day running. Although it ticks most boxes, CCaaS isn’t a one size fits all. The good news is most vendors integrate with other popular software tools to make life easier. For example, if you’re a contact centre for a large e-commerce brand, you might want to integrate with some of the leading e-commerce platforms to integrate your store with your communications. Other popular integrations are with marketing software, accounting software & AI Chatbot software so you can get the most out of your CCaaS platform.  

Improved omni channel capabilities 

Customer wants to communicate with your brand when it’s convenient for them, on the channels they are more comfortable with, making channel choice a key differentiator between brands. Getting the right channels & effectively managing them will make you stand out from the crowd. However, it’s important that your customers experience is the same across all your channels. Some CCaaS platforms offer advanced omni channel capabilities that connect all your contact channels, from voice, to live chat, chat bots, emails, WhatsApp & even social media direct messages, bringing them all too into one place. Outside of contact channels, the added benefits are that you can also see all your other communications, such as useful marketing or order information making a truly unified experience.  

How to choose the right CCaaS Provider?  

If you are considering making the move to CCaaS, you should really take the time to consult with your agents, team leaders & heads of departments to make sure you know what challenges they are currently having & what tools would make life easier for both agents & customers. By matching potential CCaaS providers with what your teams really need, it will put you on a much more aligned path towards the future.  

Contact centre as a service or CCaaS as it’s known is a cloud based, customer experience solution which has exploded in popularity over recent years. QContact’s CCaaS Solution enables call centres to deliver better customer service, providing an improved customer experience.  

A communications platform that offers a true, seamless, omni channel experience with a powerful inbuilt CRM that includes 100’s of tools & integrations into popular platforms designed to make your contact centre excel.  

To find out more, you can book a demo here… https://www.qcontact.com/get-started-book-a-demo

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