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Unified Communication

We understand the unique needs of regulated financial institutions. Our solutions ensure FCA, PCI and GDPR compliance

The Complete CRM & Communications Platform.

The Complete CRM & Communications Platform.

Ensuring compliance with FCA regulations can be a tall order for any business. From data retention to call recordings, audit trails to FOS complaint handling - QContact doens't just have a solution - it understands the industry.

Insurance Claims

Allow clients to easily send details and photographs of claims through any channel including WhatsApp.

Insurance Sales

Proactively track potential leads and opportunities across your sales team and across any channel.

Financial Claims

Qcontact is the complete CRM & communications platform for your Claims Management Company.

All of this from one system - no need to open multiple tabs or solutions from multiple vendors. So speak to QContact today to see how we can help your business get up-and-running.

We can help ensure compliance with.

Unified Communication

Every channel from one vendor.

Unified Communication
Unified Communication

Some of our key features.


Complete API to allow you complete control.

Callback System

Schedule callbacks and follow-ups easily.


Automate processes and reduce cost by utilizing bots.


Start a conversation with one click.


Built-in CRM functionality or integrate with Salesforce & Dynamics.

Customer Satisfaction

Automatically collect post interaction NPS/CSAT surveys.


Collect electronic signatures quickly and easily.

GDPR Compliance

European customers use servers based in EU.

Internal Chat

Communicate internally through live chat.


Intelligently route calls to the correct department.

Number Replacement & Source Tracking

Track where enquiries are coming - e.g. Paid Ads, Social, etc.

PCI Recordings

Manual recording controls or fully automated payment capture.

Live Dashboard

See real-time status and live listen to your team.


Record every call automatically with unlimited storage.


Complete reporting suite with custom reports.


All data is stored encrypted in high security data centers.


QContact intelligently learns how to route incoming interactions to the correct departments.

Speech Recognition

Allow customers to use their own voice to route calls, check order status and more.

Template Responses

Dynamic pre-canned templated to allow fast responses.

Web Callback

Feed enquiry forms directly to your staff in seconds.

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