We can help improve your sales with our complete communication suite for sales teams

By deeply integrating your contact centre with your CRM system you can improve the performance of your sales team by reducing the amount of time spent on data entry and increase the amount of time spent talking and meeting your prospective clients.

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Have More Conversations

By moving from manually dialling your leads one-by-one to using automatic dialling, you can increase time spent talking to your leads by over 300%. With call outcome codes and advanced recycling capabilities you ensure no lead is left behind

No Double-Entry

Having your CRM directly integrated with your communications systems saves your sales people from double-entries. Every call, text and email is automatically logged in your CRM. All customer information from your CRM is instantly transfered across during any incoming interaction ensuring your sales people spend less time searching, and more time selling.

Full Reporting

Your managers have complete visibility of what your sales team are up to. Updated in real-time you can see at a glance what your team is up to, as well as using our complete reporting suite to go back in time and monitor patterns. You can even listen-in live to any calls and provide coaching and support.

Call Scripting & Screen Pop

With call scripting you can ensure your sales team follow the script on every call by providing a complete scripting interface. Alternatively you can use our screen pop function to dynamically load up any other system at exactly the right place on every call, email, text, web chat or social interaction.

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Route your incoming enquiries to the right team with our powerful unified Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) complete skills based routing and multiple allocation strategies.

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