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Today's customers expect more than ever from companies. Gone are the days where just providing a telephone number during work hours is sufficient. Modern consumers expect longer opening times, more ways to get in touch and the flexibility to pick and chose which channel they prefer. Our complete communications suite provides your customers with a great customer experience, and your staff with a single unified interface.

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Complete Multi-Channel

Take your contact centre beyond just phone calls and emails. Seamlessly add webchat, text messages, social media and even video calling into your contact centre. No additional software, no additional training - just one single unified interface.

Complete WFM

By bringing all your teams on to one unified platform, your can streamline your workforce management processes by scheduling your agents across your channels. Handling sudden increases in volume also becomes a breeze as you can dynamically reallocate resources across channels too.

Complete Worldwide Support

By moving your contact centre platform in to the cloud your staff can be based anywhere in the world. No need for complicated overflow rules - your entire worldwide operation, across all your channels handled in one unified management interface

Complete Self-Service

Reduce your interaction handling costs by using self-service options. With our unique write-once, use-anywhere self-service tools, you can write a self-service script for one channel and instantly activate it across all our supported channels without any additional work.

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Route your incoming enquiries to the right team with our powerful unified Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) complete skills based routing and multiple allocation strategies.

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