8th September 2020

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More cloud provider support, improved reminders and more in this week’s update.

More Cloud Storage options
You can now upload your documents and recordings to 2 new cloud storage service providers in addition to S3 compatible services;

  • Sharepoint
  • Sharefile

Improved reminders
Reminders have been streamlined. Can now easily dismiss a reminder from the sidebar as well as on the contact record itself.

Kanban Improvements
Can now add subtotals to your Kanban list views.

New triggers
You can now automatically trigger workflows when a document is uploaded from the secure upload function.

Javascript Code Libraries
You can now add functions into a shared library and re-use this fuctionality across multiple workflows. Allowing you to update a function once and it immediately apply across all workflows and self-service scripts using the function.

Code syntax highlighting
Javascript Code snippets now show with syntax highlighting to make it easier to read and spot mistakes.

Google Lead Generation callbacks
You can now feed your Google Adwords Lead Generation forms directly into QContact.

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