6th October 2020

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A feature packed release this week with lots of new features including new routing options, over 100 speed improvements and more.

New Routing Rules – User Channel Priority
You can now configure certain channels to have priority for specific users. For example you may want voice calls to be targeted towards a certain set of users even if other users have been waiting longer.

New Routing Options – Department User Priority
You can now set specific users to have priority when an incoming interaction comes into a department. If there are no priority users available, the incoming interaction will be routed to the next available non-priority user. You can also specify the exact order priority users are allocated interactions.

Import Improvements
You can now import files which cover multiple entities in a single file – so now you can for example upload a list of contacts which also automatically create and update Company records.

Signature Location
If using e-mail layouts to automatically place e-mail signatures, these are now included above the previous correspondence rather than at the bottom of the message.

Reply All button
New Reply All button as well as exposing CC’d participants on the active conversation view.

WooCommerce Improvements
Customer since now matches guest checkouts matching the same e-mail address.

E-mail Undelivered Notifications
When using QContact to send an e-mail rather than Office 365, failed delivery of e-mails now notifies the user who sent the message.

Speed Improvements
Over 100 optimisations have been made to the platform to improve responsiveness across the platform especially when monitoring queues with over 1000 interactions in the queue.

Improved URL handling
Invalid URLs entered into URL fields now accept incomplete URLS which get automatically formatted to a valid URL.

Shopify Improvements
Better handling of high order volume Shopify websites and orders without full product details.

Better e-mail snippets
Improvements in how e-mail spacing is handling on certain e-mail clients

Interaction History Report
You can now see inside Interaction history on each individual leg of a conversation whether that specific leg was snoozed or transferred.

Improvements in UK Mobile Number Ordering
Faster provisioning of UK Mobile numbers

Custom Fields on Webchat
You can now prompt the user for custom fields before starting a web chat conversation.

Left Align Webchat
You can now align the web chat to the left of the screen rather than just to the right.

Remove Branding
You can remove the “Powered by QContact” branding on Web chat conversations.

Additional Office 365 Channels
Users can now setup additional 365 channels from their home screen.

Improved Voicemail Routing
Improvements to how voicemails are routed when using Self Service in conjunction with Department and User voicemails.

New Event – Left Department
You can now trigger workflows when a user leaves a department.

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