29th September 2020

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Lots of improvements in roles and permissions, better editing of top level organisation settings and more.

Additional Organisation Settings
You can now configure additional settings from within the Organisation Profile – including;

  • internal extension length
  • incoming electronic signature destination
  • incoming secure upload destination
  • Office 365 integration enabled

User Password
Users can now reset their own password from their home page

Settings by Role
You can now give users access to specific settings sections without having to give them access to every setting.

Users in the Department
You can now see the list of users in the department from the Department settings screen.

E-Mail Layout
Added support for adding user details through the e-mail layout builder tool.

SMS Warning
You can now see whether an SMS number is repliable when sending a text message.

Extra User Fields
Job Title and Telephone added to Users for use within E-mail Layouts

Office 365 Improvements
Users now notified if their Office 365 credentials become invalidated due to password change or other change. Better handling of CC and BCC logic.

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