27th October 2020

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This week includes many updates to help speed up the administration of your system.

Supervisor Screen Improvements
You can now see the specific conversation each user is on from the Supervisor screen. It is also now much faster when watching large groups of users.

Entity Manager Lists
You can now edit all your lists in one place from the 2nd tab at the top of Entity Manager rather than have to find the specific field referencing the list to edit it.

User Status Timer
Users can now see how long they’ve been in their current status by hovering over their initials on the top-left.

Inbound Routing Rules
You can now automatically filter incoming interactions – from changing their department based on content, or ignoring them completely.

Transfer Lookup
You can now specify any Entity to be used in the External Transfer. This allows you to have an address book of easy to transfer to numbers.

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