20th October 2020

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This weeks updates bring a new collection of integrations and data tools.

Improved E-Commerce Sync
We have improved the batch import functionality on initial setup to make for faster import of large e-commerce stores.

New Report – Case Summary
A new report is available which gives a breakdown of cases and their outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction Improvements
You can now use CSAT inside your e-mail layouts and webchats. We also show CSAT scores on Conversation History and Queue Performance.

Active Collab
You can now sync your contacts and companies to Active Collab

You can now sync your cases automatically between QContact and Zendesk.

Bulk Hangup
You can now hungup multiple interactions in one go from the Supervisor screen.

Condition Builder
You can now add conditions to workflows based on what the previous value of a field was rather than just if it’s changed.

Further routing enhancements
When a user becomes available and there are queued interactions in multiple departments, we will automatically hunt for the department where the user has the highest level of priority.

Live Export to Excel / Google Sheets
You can now use your existing List Views inside a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet with live refresh.

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