13th October 2020

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Another exciting week of additions for QContact as America and Spain celebrate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus this week.

Google Data Studio
You can now use QContact inside Google Data Studio to enable you to build advanced reports and custom dashboards.

Improved Summary of Productivity
A new improved summary of productivity gives you further details into what exact channels your interactions are coming in from.

Improved Interaction History
This report now runs significantly faster when running over a large amount of interactions.

Improved E-mail Scraping
You can now automatically extract fields from e-mails based on table layout. You can also automatically tag conversations to other entities from within self service scripts.

Kanban Improvements
Currency can now be used for summary totals too.

Dropdown Blank Options
Dropdown lists can now be set back to empty if necessary once a value has been set.

Colour coded calendar
The calendar view now shows calendar items by colour set in the Case Type list field.

Customer Satisfaction Scores on e-mail
You can now include an automatic snippet of text on your outgoing e-mails to rate the Customer Satisfaction of the response.

Logo on Secure Upload and Customer Satisfaction
You can now set your logo to be included on the secure upload and customer satisfaction pages.

Pick up from Interaction History
You can now pick up queued interactions directly from the Interaction History page.

Case Improvements
It’s now easier to update case status and assignment at the same time as adding notes.

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