10th November 2020

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Many updates this week to help your users be more productive.

More Search Options
You can now enable autocomplete search to work on any entity rather than just limited to Contacts and Companies.

Queue Position
You can now present the customer’s position and estimated wait time in any queue messages across any channel.

Optional Prompts on E-Signature
You can now make fields requested as part of an e-signature optional.

Pickup Conversation
You can now manually pick-up conversations from within the Contact record and Conversation History report in addition to the Supervisor screen.

Quickly close a department
You can now quickly manually close a department in situations such as a fire alarm / training, rather than having to adjust the schedule.

Preview E-mail
You can now see a preview of an incoming e-mail before answering.

Snooze Control
Your team can now specify an exact snooze period to override the department level snooze period. We will also now not unsnooze interactions whilst the user isn’t logged in.

Webchat Hangup Party
You can now track whether the customer or the agent ended a webchat, just like you can with a phone call.

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