This week’s updates include the following new features and changed functionality

Combine Documents
You can now combine any attachments which haven’t yet been tagged into a single PDF document without having to tag them first.

New Report – Contact Summary
You can now view contact activity by both the user and the individual contact.

Data Import
Can now import up to 10,000 records at a time up from the previous limit of 1,000 records.

PBX Dialling
If your organisation has enabled internal extensions, when a user dials a number which should be a local extension but isn’t on QContact, we will now forward the call over your Voice Carrier trunk. Previously this would fail as the extension was not found locally.

New Themes
New theme colours have been added.

Magento – Guest Checkouts
Improved support for guest checkouts on Magento

iOS Support
QContact is now compatible with both Safari and Chrome on iOS

Improved Department Statistics
Real-time stats now give additional information about the state of each department.

Improved Notes
It is now even easier to add notes to an account with simple one-click access whether to make a note public or private.

Kanban Improvements
Summary now shown on Kanban boards.