QContact helps your sales team excel.

QContact’s CRM helps your sales team spend more time on selling and less time on repetitive admin work. From one-click calling, to tracking opportunities and leads – we provide useful tools to increase productivity and your bottom line.

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Integrated Phone

With a built-in phone system, your sales team can call a customer quickly and effortlessly with just one click.

Integrated E-mail

With deep integration with Office 365, your teams emails are automatically attached to the customer file. So whether they send from the CRM, Outlook or their mobile phone – every e-mail is always logged. And don’t worry if you don’t have 365 – we support other integration options too.

Track Leads

With QContact you can track your team’s opportunities from initial lead to close. Every step along the journey is automatically logged and you can track performance along the way.

Powerful Reporting

Gain deep insights into your teams performance. Where are your leads coming from? Who is converting them the best? How long does it take to close a deal? All this and more is visible in our complete reporting suite.

Quickly Gain new customers

QContact enables you to market to new channels with ease. Want to try a Facebook campaign or perhaps a Google Lead Generation campaign? QContact automatically syncs the leads directly into your CRM.

No lead left behind

Set reminders to call customers back with just one-click. Never lose track of a deal or opportunity. Instantly see the status of every lead and opportunity, who’s working it and when the last communication was.

Automate your sales process

QContact includes complete workflow automation allowing you to automate your sales process. Want to automatically send out e-mails, text messages or schedule follow-up calls – you can with QContact.

Electronic Signatures

Send out contracts and paperwork for electronic signature. Your customers can sign quickly and easily on their mobile and you get back a signed PDF.

Join the revolution today

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