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Whether you are starting a new contact centre, migrating a legacy centre to the cloud, or migrating from an existing cloud provider you want to be assured that your contact centre platform is reliable. Downtime costs money, and whilst some put their reliability aim in their name, we would rather let our performance speak for itself. With top tier voice carriers, network infrastructure and a fully GPDR compliant product, you can rely on us to deliver.

Reliable System with headset

Complete Redundancy

Every part of our infrastructure, from individual servers to complete parts of the platform have redundancy built-in to ensure maximum uptime and minimise service interruption.

Complete Network Connectivity

We run our own servers inside top-tier data-centres with a global network capacity of over 15 Tbps, more than 2 million times the capacity of the average broadband connection. We are also able to offer dedicated private circuits directly into our data-centres.

Completely Crystal-Clear Calls

We only use top-tier Telecom carriers to carry your call traffic ensuring a crystal-clear call every time. You can also bring your own carrier if you prefer.

Complete Geographical Coverage

We offer our solution across multiple data-centre regions to ensure you are never far away from your data. We are also able to deploy our services to your own data-centres or partners if you prefer to run our solution in-house.

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Route your incoming enquiries to the right team with our powerful unified Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) complete skills based routing and multiple allocation strategies.

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