Maximise user utilisation with outbound dialling

Whether you are prospecting for new customers, chasing customer debt or offering upgraded offers to existing customers – QContact can help you maximise your agent efficiency with our powerful complete outbound dialling. Outbound Communication helps increase agent utilisation

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Complete Automated Dialling

We offer two types of automated dialling. Power dialling automatically dials customers one-by-one whilst ensuring your agents don’t hear any busy tones. We also offer predictive dialling which can increase your agent utilisation rates by up to 300% by making hundreds of calculations per second to ensure your agents spend the maximum amount of time talking. For more information about the different dialling methods click here.

Complete Preview Dialling

If your agents need to read notes before contacting a customer, we also offer preview dialling which allows your contact centre users to see a complete picture of the customer before dialling.

Complete Query Builder

Most solutions simply ask you to upload a list of contacts to dial, and then dial that list from beginning to end. QContact provides an extremely powerful query builder allowing you to build advanced filters on your data.

Complete Integration

Your dialling list queries can pull information dynamically from your CRM system, meaning they’re constantly transparently and effortlessly updated with the latest information. You can then use our screen-pop function to deep link into your existing CRM system or you can use our powerful scripting tool to write dynamic scripts.

Complete Compliance

We offer a complete suite of tools to ensure compliance with relevant consumer legislation. From internal Do Not Call lists, automatic updating of national DNC lists such as the TPS, and a complete consent library tool, you can ensure your contact centre is always in compliance.

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Route your incoming enquiries to the right team with our powerful unified Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) complete skills based routing and multiple allocation strategies.

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