Break down silos with seamless integration.

Save on customer support costs whilst providing a faster experience to your customers by integrating all your key systems and information into one place.

Every order placed in your Magento store is automatically synced across to QContact.

Allowing your team to save time on searching for information and being instantly presented with the right information for the right customer.

“Magento has a 1.9% share of the CMS market. About 54% of all websites use a known CMS according to W3Techs. Out of these, Magento is used on 1.9% of sites running CMS. Shopify has a slightly higher share of the CMS market at 2.4%.”


We pull every campaign running in Mailchimp right on to your customer profile. So when a customer contacts you in regards to a mailshot they’ve just received, you know exactly which communication they’re referring to.

And tag customers into campaigns based on their purchase and communication history.

“Mailchimp customers generated more than $321,538,039 in revenue using Mailchimp product recommendations.”

Mailchimp Annual Report

Keep your e-mails and calendar in-sync with our deep Office 365 integration.

No plugins to install, no software to setup – just one-click and you can link a mailbox directly to QContact meaning whether you use the CRM, Outlook or your phone – all 3 kept in perfect sync.

70% of Fortune 500 companies that have purchased Office 365 in past 12 months.”

Office 365

Send your customers automatic text messages to make payment via ETF rather than credit or debit card.

QContact automatically tracks the payment and updates the customer profile.

“As a market led company Ozow’s success has grown to see them capturing an entire market (representing over 70% of the instant EFT market in South Africa), from the heart of underprivileged townships and rural areas to the highest LSM.”

Ozow CEO and co-founder

Using ShipStation to ship your orders?

QContact is fully integrated bringing every shipment and tracking information right on to the customer’s profile saving your team time.

QContact brings all your customer orders, refunds and fulfilments directly into your customer timeline.

When a customer gets in touch, you will see their latest order as well as every update to their previous orders.

“According to an announcement at the Shopify Unite conference in June 2019, 820,000 merchants are now using the Shopify platform for their stores.”


QContact brings all your customer orders, subscriptions and refunds into our unified timline.

As soon as a customer gets in touch, your team will be ready to respond knowing everything about their recent orders.

“Looking at data on Built With, we see that the current 2020 market share for WooCommerce is 26% of the top 1 million sites using e-commerce technologies.

Built With

QContact brings all your invoices, accounts receivable and accounts payable into your customer timeline.

Instantly sync contact information so when a customer calls or emails, you instantly know their account status.

“In 2019, subscribers increased by 31 percent to 1.82 million.

Xero’s 2019 financial results

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