Seamlessly integrate your CRM systems into your contact centre

In today’s connected society, your contact centre shouldn’t be a silo. With deep two-way integration with your existing CRM, Billing and E-Commerce platforms your contact centre can seamlessly pull and push information into your external systems.

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Complete CRM Integration

Our off-the-shelf integration with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics enables instant lookup of contact information in your CRM – enabling rich screen pops, dynamic script population, advanced routing of calls based on CRM information or even complete self-service.

Complete Two-way integration

Not only can we pull information from your existing systems, but we can also push information into them such as full conversation history – no double-key entry required.

Complete API Coverage

We use our public API for our own user interface – so you be rest assured that every function of every part of our product can be programmed using our API. With full documentation and examples you can be up and running with your own custom functionality in hours rather than months.

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Route your incoming enquiries to the right team with our powerful unified Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) complete skills based routing and multiple allocation strategies.

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