By making it easy to manage we help to empower your managers

Most traditional legacy contact centre solutions require complicated and time-consuming configuration and monitoring. With our complete web-based management, every part of your contact centre can be managed, adjusted and monitored with just a few clicks of the mouse. Saving you time to market, reduced IT spend and improved performance.

Agent with maximum performance

Completely Customisable

Every part of our product is configurable from both our easy-to-use management interface as well as our complete API. Changes made are then applied in real-time – no need to wait for the next scheduled update.

Complete Documentation

We have a large library of documentation available for electronic learning of all our aspects of our platform. Together with helpful video tutorials, regular webinars as well as options for on-site training your managers can be up-to-speed quickly.

Complete Support

We are here for you every step of the way. Whether you have an issue, don’t know how to do something or simply need advice you can rely on our friendly support team.

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Route your incoming enquiries to the right team with our powerful unified Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) complete skills based routing and multiple allocation strategies.

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