Answer customer enquiries quickly across every channel, all in one place.

Every year over £5bn is spent on staff ineffiency switching between applications in the UK alone. With QContact everything is there in one place – no more switching tabs, no more wasted time.

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One unified timeline

QContact brings together all your different systems into a single unified timeline. The second your customer contacts you, see their complete order timeline, refund status, billing status and more in one screen.

Template Responses

Answer common questions effortlessly with pre-canned template responses. Allowing you to reply to common queries with just a few clicks.

Built-in ticketing

With built-in ticketing, your team can open issues, assign them to the correct department and track right through to resolution.


With our advanced self-service options you can route calls with IVR menus or handle common enquiries through a chatbot. All at no additional charge.

Deep Reporting

Understand how you are performing in real-time. Make sure you are hitting your SLAs and have the right people on at the right time.

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Get up and running quickly and easily. Our local support team will guide you through the entire process, including migrating your data from your existing spreadsheets or CRM systems into QContact for you.