Go beyond the phone.

QContact is the complete communications platform for your business. We bring all your calls, texts, emails, social media and web-chats into one single unified interface. No third party software or solutions are required – we provide everything you need to communicate with your customers with a seamless unified experience.

Channels we work with:


Click to dial and connect to your customers quickly. Call recording with PCI compliance options.


Increase customer contact rate by giving your staff the option to communicate with customers, even when they are unable to speak on the phone.


We integrate with your email platform and can route your customer responses back to the agent or team who sent them - so no sifting through company inboxes.


Take advantage of our built-in webchat and give your customers another way to interact with your business.

Web Leads

Leads are routed into your business just as quickly as calls, so that you never miss a hot lead.

Social Media

Route customer enquiries into our system from Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger, Twitter & WhatsApp.

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