Get the full picture – finally.

By having all your staff on a single platform, across all your different channels, you gain a holistic view of how your customers are communicating with your business. Learn how quickly you are responding, agent utilisation, common queries and more.

Agent activity timeline

Visually see the agent’s journey through their day.

Automated responses

Automatically reply to customer’s enquiries with automated responses.

Conversation History

Search and filter every conversation quickly and effortlessly.

Custom Wallboards

Create custom wallboard showing information in the format you want for your TVs around the office.

Customer Journey

Visually see the path every customer went though when contacting your business. From self-service flow, to department queueing, to individual agent hold times.

Customer Satisfaction

Automatically prompt customers to leave feedback for how satisfied they were with the service they received, then view this across your reports by both company and individual agent level.

Data export

As well as full API access, we also give the ability to export report information in CSV or a live spreadsheet.

Disposition codes

Tag each conversation with an outcome code, which can be used for reporting, SLA adherence and automations.

Full Open API

Complete open API allowing you to retrieve all the information you require through a REST API.

Live Agent view

See the present state of every user, how their day has been, as well as being able to live listen, whisper and barge into any calls.

Live Queue view

See who is currently waiting in any department’s queue, how many agents are available, with the ability to pick up, transfer or hang up any conversation In the queue.

Live Wallboard

See real-time what is going on with your contact centre.

Pause codes

Setup custom pause codes to accurately track agent off-call time.

Queue Performance

See how quickly you are responding to incoming conversations across every channel, and adherence to SLAs.

Repeat Callers

Identify repeat callers ensuring you detect issues even where agents are reporting them.

Scheduled reports

Automatically schedule reports to e-mail or upload to cloud storage on a schedule each day.

Self-service flows

See how customers use your self-service to understand common flows, where customers get stuck, and where you may need to improve the options.

Template responses

Allow your agents to quickly use pre written template responses.

Ticketing Performance

Track your ticketing performance – from tickets open, average response time, and more.

Workforce forecasting

Forecast agent needs with built-in intelligent Erlang forecasting tools.

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Ready to get started?

Why not speak to us today to learn how your business can benefit from QContact, and be up and running within days