Improve Agent Productivity with automated outbound calling.

QContact includes a full automated dialler, allowing you to blend outbound with your existing outbound, and ensure your agents are never sat idle waiting.

Answerphone Detection

Automatically detect answerphones and voicemails to improve agent productivity.

Automated Dialling

Improve agent productivity by having the system automatically make outgoing calls – for example to chase outstanding debts or speak to customers about upsell opportunities.

Blended Campaigns

Have the same agents handling multiple different departments and both inbound and outbound communication.

Bulk Sender (multichannel)

Send bulk communications to your customers by either selecting a criteria or uploading your list of chosen contacts.


Bring your own SMS provider – you can use any HTTP compatible API.

BYOC (Voice)

Bring your own voice carrier – you can use your own SIP trunks within the platform.

Calling Scripts

Present your agents with relevant scripts and information based on what the call is regarding.

Do Not Call lists

Block outgoing communication to customers.

Dynamic Caller ID

Automatically adjust your outbound Caller ID on calls to match country codes or improve answer rate by cycling through multiple Caller IDs.

E-mail layouts

Send e-mails with rich beautiful graphical templates.

Manual Dialling

Start an outgoing call / WhatsApp / e-mail or SMS with just a single click.

Preview Dialling

Allow your agents to preview the contact details before making an outbound call.

Scheduled Callbacks

Allow your agents to set scheduled callbacks to contact a customer back at a time of their choosing, and have the system automatically call the customer and re-route to the right person.


Setup automated sequences/workflows based on customer action. For example automatically schedule a follow-up call after a customer’s first order.

SMS Schedules

Ensure SMS messages are only delivered during sociable hours rather than disturbing people late at night.

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