Better customer experience, improved first call resolution.

QContact is the complete solution for all your inbound contact centre needs. Helping your staff answer your customer queries easily, improving the customer experience and increasing first call resolution.

True Omni-channel

We don’t just tag omni-channel on – we’re natively full omni-channel with over 10 channels different supported channels and growing. From calls to social, live chat or e-mail – we have you covered.

Unified Queue

You can have the same agents seamlessly handling different channels from one single queue.

Skills-based Routing

Route each and every conversation to the right agent first time. With skills-based, language-based, data-based and priortity-based routing all built in.

IVR / Self-Service Builder

An easy drag and drop visual builder to build your self-service and IVR flows. Write once, and then enable across all your channels.


Built-in chat bot functionality to handle customer queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Full Reporting Suite

A complete set of built-in reports for you to measure your performance across every channel.

Custom Data Capture

With our complete CRM functionality you can store as much data as you want against your customer profile.


For issues which can’t be handled during the conversation, we have a full ticketing solution built-in at no additional cost.

Call Recording

Full call-recording as standard, with option to push to Callbi for full call transcription.

Quality Assurance

A complete QA suite built-in to handle scoring your conversations against custom scorecards.

Call Consult

Allow users to speak to an advisor currently held in a queue without removing their place in the queue.

Call Pickup

Allow users to see and pick up conversations held in a queue.

Desktop Notifications

Configure your users to receive notifications when calls are in the queue.


Allow callers to select a user to route via extension or name based dialling.

High volume notifications

Setup automated alerts to notify users who aren’t on queue to log in when queue times or number of conversations in the queue exceed certain thresholds.

Interaction Capacity Controls

Maximise productivity by allowing agents to handle multiple conversations at once. Complete flexibility of how many different types of interactions your agent can handle at any time, and which interactions take priority.

Low volume notifications

Setup automated alerts if any particular department hasn’t received any incoming conversations for a specified period of time. Useful to detect any carrier or website issues.

Nuisance Caller Blocks

Block nuisance callers into an infinite never answering queue.

Off-site transfer

Overflow calls to a 3rd party off-site either on a schedule, when call volumes are high, or on demand.


Automatically overflow conversations into alternative departments if no agents are available, or is taking too long to answer.


Allow your agents to see other agents’ status before attempting to transfer calls to them.

Referral Source Tracking

Track exactly where your incoming conversations are coming from through paid advertising, social media posts or organic search.


Route incoming conversations to chat-bots, IVR menus or automated code and routing.


Keep agents productive, by using the snooze function on a conversation. When the customer replies, the conversation will instantly be rerouted back to an agent without ending the conversation in the meantime, but allowing the agent to carry on with other work.

Spam filtering

Automatically filter spam to improve your agent productivity.

Sticky agent

Re-route incoming conversations back to the same agent who previously handled them if they are available.


Allow your departments and individual agents to receive voicemail messages, with on-screen notifications and e-mail.

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Ready to get started?

Why not speak to us today to learn how your business can benefit from QContact, and be up and running within days