A complete CRM built-in.

QContact provides a complete built-in CRM within the platform, allowing you to store everything you want about your customers without needing any 3rd party CRM systems. And don’t worry, if you already have an investment in a CRM system – we offer native integration with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics – so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

3rd party data display

Display data from 3rd party systems in real-time I the system.

Book meetings

Book meetings right into your calendar from the platform, including online Teams links automatically inserted.


Group your contacts into business structures.

Custom data fields

Add custom fields to your customer profiles.

Custom entities

Create your own custom database entities.

Custom layouts

Customise the layout of your customer profiles to suit your business.

Customer journey

See a complete customer journey across every channel and touchpoint.

Customised views

Create customised table views of your customer profiles – showing the relevant information quickly.

Data Export

Export data to 3rd party systems.

Data Import

Import data from 3rd party systems.

Dynamic filtering.

Quickly filter your views with dynamic filters.

Export to CSV

Export your data to CSV.

Export to Google Looker Studio

Export your data into Google Looker Studio.

Export to live spreadsheet

Export your data to Excel or Google Sheets with a live spreadsheet link, allowing you to automatically update the data in the spreadsheet.

Kanban boards

View your records in a Kanban style view with drag and drop functionality.


Handle multiple currencies with ease.


Track your opportunities.

Reminders / Tasks

Set automatic reminders and call backs.


Trigger automatic webhooks to 3rd party systems on data changes.

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