The Complete Solution for your Contact Centre

Empower your managers by providing complete 360 degree visibility of your contact centre together with the tools they need to help train, coach and improve the performance of your agents. Whether you are running an inbound, outbound or blended contact centre - everything you need is included.

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Inbound Call Handling

We provide all the functionality you need for inbound call handling. You can instantly provision local numbers across the world and use our built-in IVR and skills based routing to route every call to the best available agent.

Outbound Dialler

We provide a complete dialling solution for your outbound needs. With predictive, power, preview and manual dialling options, advanced CRM integration and fully FTC and Ofcom compliant we can help you increase your agent productivity, improving your DMC contact rate and SPH

Multiple Channels, Multiple Opportunities

Without any increases in head count, migrating to QContact allows you to offer your customers the ability to communicate on their terms. With the same unified interace you can move beyond just calls and handle all your customer's emails, text-messages, web-chats and social media. Your agents can seamlessly go from handling calls to texts to emails without skipping a beat.

Easy to Manage

You and your managers have full visibility of your contact centre in real-time. You can listen-in to any calls in progress, coach advisers and even take over calls. With a complete reporting suite, you can instantly generate historical reports, listen to historical call recordings.

Use your own carrier

There is no requirement to use our own telephone carriers. You can bring your existing carriers and commercial commitments with you. With data-centres across the world we can also help ensure whatever carrier you use or client location you're calling, we provide the best possible call quality

Fully Supported

We monitor our systems 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. By using a fully cloud-hosted product, you can reduce the burden on your IT team. With our complete API you can also deeply integrate our platform into your own internal systems

Easy Migration

Our expert team can help you migrate all of your data and configuration from your existing legacy platform to QContact. There's no need to move everything in one go either, you can take it step-by-step if you prefer.

Call Scripting & Screen Pop

With call scripting you can ensure your sales team follow the script on every call by providing a complete scripting interface. Alternatively you can use our screen pop function to dynamically load up any other system at exactly the right place on every call, email, text, web chat or social interaction.

Completely Customisable

Every part of our product is configurable from both our easy-to-use management interface as well as our complete API. Changes made are then applied in real-time – no need to wait for the next scheduled update.

Complete Service Level Alerts

You can configure KPI thresholds to ensure you rectify any breach of your target SLAs promptly. As you would expect from a unified cloud based solution – these alerts can even be sent to as many people as you want using whatever communication method you want.

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Route your incoming enquiries to the right team with our powerful unified Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) complete skills based routing and multiple allocation strategies.

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