Everything you need to sell, support, and excel.

All communication channels. All your customer information. One single unified interface.We bring every interaction and touch-point with your customers into one unified interface saving your staff time and improving customer satisfaction.


Whether your use your own carrier or switch to QContact, we aim to make your conversations richer through our telephony features.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Instant Number Provisioning

Quality of Service (QoS)

Tier-1 Carriers

Two-way SMS Numbers

WhatsApp Business API

Automatically distribute your incoming enquiries to the longest waiting member of staff.


We can provide you with world-wide calls & texts at a very competitive price however if you are happy with the relationship you have with your existing carrier we offer you the flexibility to continue to use them whilst using our platform.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Automatically forward your calls to an external party out of hours. 

Call Forwarding

Automatically forward your calls to an external party out of hours. 

Call Handling

Manage people in your Do Not Call list and block outgoing calls to people who haven’t consented to receive them.

DNC Management

Place customers on hold with or without hold music. Or have a pre-recorded message of your choice.

Hold & Hold Music

We can instantly activate numbers across the world using our network of telephone carriers. In many countries we can also offer freephone/toll-free, national and mobile numbering.

Instant Number Provisioning

All the features you would expect in a PBX included out-of-the-box including IVR trees, internal transfers, call parking, call recording and more.


If you want you can use QContact with existing physical handsets too.

Physical Handset (VOIP)

Ensure crystal clear calls every time with full support for QoS to ensure high priority given to your voice calls.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Connect your mobile device to QContact through a softphone app to allow you to gain the benefits of call recordings & reporting via your mobile.

Softphone (Windows / IOS / Android)

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Two-way SMS Numbers

Allow your customers to leave voicemails for your team which with our visual voicemail. You can also e-mail voicemail messages direct to your inbox.


No need to install any software – start making and receiving calls in QContact with just your web browser.

Web Browser (WebRTC)

All of this and much more..

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