Everything you need to sell, support, and excel.

All communication channels. All your customer information. One single unified interface.We bring every interaction and touch-point with your customers into one unified interface saving your staff time and improving customer satisfaction.


Gain business insights through our out-of-the box real time reports. No more waiting for reports to run, all the important information you need to make sure your business is running just the way you need it too. Powerful granular reporting that you can run at any level.

Custom Reports

One-click GDPR Report

Out-of-the-box Reports

Real-time dashboard


View performance by contact activity type to see how many calls, texts, emails, socials & call backs have been done over a specified time period. View notes & status changes.

Contact Activity Reports

Access information on chatbot activity to see what enquiries you are getting the most via your webchats, use this information to proactively reduce common enquiries before they happen.

Chatbot Activity

View conversation history by individual users, teams or departments. Look up customer interactions by their outcomes & by the contact type. Quickly access call recordings or conversations by any channel quickly without leaving this screen.

Conversation History Reports

If you need something more specific to your business, we also have a custom report builder.

Custom Reports

Track where your enquiries are coming from so you know which channels are working for you. For example, did you enquiry come from a paid advertising campaign or organic search.

Lead Source Tracking

Check how many tickets/cases you have ongoing & view what status they are in. Check the average time it takes to respond back to your customers as well as how long it takes to be fully resolved.

Ticket Summary Reports

Powerful reporting to give you specific information you need, when you need it. No more waiting for to reports to run or waiting till the end of the day.

Real Time Reports

View all inbound & outbound calls to stay on top of your SLA’s. See answered calls, average answer time & average lost times. The additional timeline view will allow you to see your busy times, when you are losing calls so you can plan extra resource.

SLA & Queue Performance

Look up performance by agent, team or department

Staff Performance & Activity

A 36-degree view of all your agents in real time showing you important information, current agent status & call duration, answered, rejected, calls, chats, emails, socials, SMS & call-backs whilst also giving an overview of important call durations.  Giving you an instant overview on current user or department performance at any time.

Supervisor Screen

Our user dashboard lets each user see their individual performance plus an overview of their day, including call backs & reminders.

User Performance Dashboard

Share reports & dashboards on to external screens around your business, giving your departments full visibility on important KPI’s & other information in real time. (Ask Oli if this shows call queues etc still).


All of this and much more..

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