Everything you need to sell, support, and excel.

All communication channels. All your customer information. One single unified interface.We bring every interaction and touch-point with your customers into one unified interface saving your staff time and improving customer satisfaction.


QContact comes with lots of extra tools to make the day to day running of you teams run smoother & more efficiently.

Agent Dashboard

Call back Diary System

Click to Dial


Electronic Signatures


Secure File Upload

Unified Multichannel Customer Journey View

Web Call back

Give all users an instant personal overview of their daily workload & activity. This allows user to plan their day around their calendar & any call backs as well as being able to instantly see their own activity for the day.

Agent Dashboard

Quickly create customer call-back reminders on the system to make sure users never miss a follow up call again. Helping you to deliver a better customer experience & reduce customer complaints.

Call back Diary System

Quickly hover over the number stored against your customer records & when you’re ready to call them just click on the number to make an outgoing call. Saving time manually dialling numbers.

Click to Dial

No hardware or software installs needed. Connect via your browser, allowing users to connect anywhere in the world for instant access.

Cloud Based

Send & receive contracts or paperwork electronically-signatures reduce the close time of a sale from an average of 5 days to 36 minutes, helping to improve efficiency & reduce costs.

Electronic Signatures

Export and import your information through the tools you prefer. Whether you wish to use our API, CSV, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets – we have you covered.

Data Import & Export

Create tickets automatically, automatically reply to customers and correctly assign the ticket to the relevant department.

Full Ticketing System

Export your information into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and have the data update in real-time directly from your spreadsheet.

Live Data Views

QContact is pre-programmed in English, Spanish, Greek & Italian.

Multiple Languages Available

QContact doesn’t require any hardware requirements other than a computer or laptop connected to the internet.

No Hardware Requirements

Connect to QContact through the cloud so you don’t have to have any software installs on your laptop or your computer, allowing you to access the platform, anywhere.

No Software Installs

With our completely open API we can offer out of the box & custom into your favourite products. Push & pull information between QContact & our integration’s so you always have a single pane view of all the relevant customer information needed.

Open API

Our control panel allows you to make custom changes to your system, as & when you need to. Giving you the ability to control any change requests that would usually take days to be actioned. If you want support, we also have support on hand.

Open Control Panel – Make Instant Changes

Allowing you to back up your own data to your own servers if needed.

S3 Bucket Export

Load in your list of stockists/shops/locations and QContact can help your customers find their nearest location through WhatsApp or the web.

Store Locator

Within each customer profile you can see every touch point you have had with that customer showing you the full customer history in one single view. See all conversations through all channels in chronological order, that highlights the channel used. Instantly see call recordings, order history, returns, payments etc.

Unified Multi-channel Customer Journey View

No limits to how many files you store within the platform, so you don’t need to save files elsewhere.

Unlimited File Storage

QContact can be accessed from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. So whether your team are working from the office, working from home or have blended working they can easily connect from anywhere giving your business true flexibility.

Worldwide Access

All of this and much more..

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